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Phone: 513-745-3561



Advertising Manager: Amanda Jones

The Xavier Newswire is the independent student newspaper of Xavier University. We serve the 5,000 students of Xavier in addition to the faculty, staff, alumni, and local community. The newspaper covers campus news and events, Xavier athletics, the Cincinnati arts scene, and events in the Cincinnati area. Circulation of the paper is 2,000, and the paper is available for free at many locations on Xavier’s campus.

The Newswire is published on Wednesdays during the academic year except during holidays and exam periods.

The paper is printed using an offset/85 line screen. There are five two-inch columns per page and a height of 15.75 inches. The total printed area on each page is 10.25 inches by 15.75 inches. There can be from eight to twenty pages per issue.

Off-Campus Advertising Rates

The deadline to reserve advertising space for the next issue is the Friday prior to publication. The following rates are valid for all local business:

  1. $6.00 per column inch (a 2″ x 1″ block)
  2. Inserts accepted at $650 for 2,000 copies
  3. Classifieds are $.25 per word ($5.00 minimum)
  • Full page—$350
  • Half page—$225
  • ¼ page—$125

On-Campus Advertising Rates

The deadline to reserve advertising space for the next issue is the Friday prior to publication:

1. Inserts accepted at $120.00 per thousand or $300 for 3,000 run

2. Classifieds are $.25 per word.

  • Full page—$175
  • Half page—$125
  • ¼ page—$65

Color Rates

Additional color costs are added to the price of the ad as printed in black:

  • Additional fee of $175

If you would like color in the ad, we must have it by Thursday of the week before so we can prepare the ad in time.

Please contact Amanda Jones for more information or to set up your advertisement to run in the Xavier Newswire.


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