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Once Upon a Thanksgiving

Class Registration

By: Emily Brennan ~Guest Writer~ DANCE If Fine Arts aren’t your scene then that is pretty unfortunate since those are required credits for graduation. However, there are plenty of unique options out there that might suit your fancy. There are a ton of dance classes including tap, ballroom and modern dance (maybe you can hit … Continue reading

So you think there is nothing to do in Cincinnati? Well, you are wrong.

By: Emily Brennan ~Guest Writer~ With Halloween 2015 being nothing more than a riveting memory or ice-breaking anecdote to share in years to come, Xavier students are often left with a vacuum of fun that surrounds the city. However, this need not be the case. As fall rolls through Cincinnati and temperatures plummet, there are … Continue reading

Senior James Farr reflects on his athletic career

By: Newswire ~Interview~ With the basketball season ready to tip off, the Newswire had the opportunity to sit down with senior forward James Farr to discuss the upcoming season. Newswire: You’ve been here four years now. Are there any ways in which you’ve grown as a person or a player? James Farr: I’ve grown off … Continue reading

Head coach Chris Mack assesses Xavier’s strengths

By: Newswire ~Interview~ With the basketball season ready to tip off, the Newswire had the opportunity to sit down with coach Chris Mack to discuss the upcoming season. NW: You guys have a couple of big games right off of the bat: Missouri, Michigan and the Orlando tournament. Do you think that’s helped keep the … Continue reading

Halloween on a scary budget

By: Emily Brennan ~Guest Writer~ To Paraphrase the profound poet Jay-Z: College students have 99 problems this time of the year and finding Halloween costumes doesn’t have to be one of them. So have no fear, here are some easy and cheap DIY Halloween costumes that will allow you to save that spare change for … Continue reading

Menu For the connoisseur on a budget…

By: James Neyer ~Copy Editor~ Ritzy Ramen Ramen is a traditional college food, mostly because it is cheap and easy to cook. If I had a nickel for every pack of ramen I have cooked, I would have enough money to eat ramen for a month straight. While most generic store-bought ramen is not very … Continue reading


By: Jessica Griggs ~Campus News Editor~ While brainstorming an embarrassing story to share with the Newswire readership, I asked my best friend if she had any ideas. The list she responded with ranged from the bowl cut I got in fifth grade to every single one of my relationships. Anyway, the summer before sixth grade … Continue reading


By: Raymond Humienny ~Campus News Editor~ Let me start off by saying that before high school, I was always the shy kid of the bunch. That’s the honest truth. (I speak here to my fellow editors because it may be hard to believe that the man literally shouting Hank Hill impressions at his desk was … Continue reading


By: James Neyer ~Copy Editor~ When I was a kid, I shared a bedroom with my older brothers Matt and Jay. One night, my parents were out on a date, so some of my other older siblings, Ava, Luke and Mark, were babysitting. Normally, we had a fairly early bedtime, but because they were babysitting, … Continue reading

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