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Staff editorial: basketball 101

The Newswire has, unfortunately, addressed this topic before. And only two years ago, to boot. Apparently, women know nothing about sports. Or, in a much more likely scenario, Xavier athletics know nothing about women, taking into account the fact that most women know at least something about sports. We took a poll in the office. … Continue reading

An open letter to Mayor Williams

Honorable Mayor Williams, Recently, you released a statement expressing your support for the men and women who serve and protect the citizens of Norwood. As the leader of this city, your intentions were right to stand in solidarity with the police force, but your understanding of race relations in Norwood and the rest of the … Continue reading

The bisexual caricature

Nothing is hotter than a bisexual woman. Not only do they like having sex with men, but they might just make out with a girl before they fulfill your every fantasy, right? Where did this caricature come from? Each letter in the LGBTQIA spectrum has its own struggles that it must face, and a personal … Continue reading

U.S. fails in Afghanistan

Recently the U.S. combat mission in Afghanistan came to an end. The longest war in the history of the U.S. ended with a no-frills ceremony. The NATO mission’s flag was taken down, and, just like that, the war ended. Of course, upon closer inspection, this is not at all the case. The Afghanistan that we … Continue reading

Why I won’t tell my daughter she’s beautiful

If I were an alien listening in on our cultural conversations, I would be completely convinced that the single greatest danger to Western civilization is a woman who doesn’t feel beautiful. Countless women and men have spoken out against an entertainment industry, a cosmetics industry, a fashion industry and a fitness industry that dare to … Continue reading

In defense of the homemaker

When you grow up, would you want to be a homemaker? Many would say no. It’s not a glamorous job. It does not come with a fancy title, benefits, insurance or even pay. It’s a job that has not seen growth in recent years, but instead has declined due to many women and men seeking … Continue reading

Power plays and pension funds

There are few things less sexy than pension funding and investment reforms at the municipal level. During the past half-decade, however, there also have been few things less concerning for Cincinnatians. Behind flashier discussions of streetcars and parking meters lies a $2.4 billion pension plan which is less than two-thirds funded. After several radical attempts … Continue reading

Basketball and the Xavier hierarchy

Last semester, I wrote an editorial about the nebulous role that Xavier basketball plays in relation to academics and other aspects of campus life. Since then, I have done some digging in an attempt to clarify this relationship. Both university president Fr. Michael Graham, S.J. and Athletic Director Greg Christopher were willing to sit down … Continue reading

Waiting for a hero: where change begins

The end of the year is a hectic time for students, but it offers us an important opportunity for reflection. The end of 2014 hopefully gave the opportunity to achieve academic goals, solidify personal achievements and prepare ourselves for what 2015 has in store. As I begin the new year, I want to share with … Continue reading

The problem with Charlie

One week ago the Paris office of a French satirical publication, Charlie Hebdo, was attacked, and 17 people died as a direct result of the incident and the ensuing hostage situations. France has insulated itself from the presence of terrorism in the last decade, unlike many other countries in Western Europe and North America. It … Continue reading

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