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People, it is just a red cup

By: Aiyana Moore ~Staff Writer~ Starbucks’ holiday cups are one of the main reasons that patrons look forward to the Christmas season. The decorated cups remind consumers that the holiday season is quickly coming up. This year’s cups, however, have caused quite a stir with their minimalist, red design because some people feel they do … Continue reading

Advice to my fellow students Friends,pure joy comes when hard work pays off

By: Kevin Mulcrone Last week’s Newswire featured an advice column that told students one thing: Stop caring. At first I thought it was satire (and maybe it was) in order to arouse some feeling of anger towards those who care too much, but then I realized that some people actually believe this. Some people believe … Continue reading

The ugliness that comes with passivity Abject danger in taking a blasé attitude toward race

By: Ray Humienny ~Campus Editor~ There is needs to be a dialogue regarding race on college campuses. Xavier stands in solidarity with people of color marginalized by discrimination. It is with deep concerns this article is produced, as to leave no stone unturned in an era of prominent student activism. Amid racial tensions at Yale, … Continue reading

Remove your inner jerk: Go abroad!

By: James Neyer ~Staff Columnist~ There is a saying that if you were born in Cincinnati, you die in Cincinnati. Cincinnati is the type of city that people may leave, but will inevitably come back to. Some are born, go to college, get a job, raise a family and spend the rest of their lives … Continue reading

America, please think before you judge A different perspective on police brutality in South Carolina

By: Brittany Welch A South Carolina 16-year old student was slammed to the ground by Officer Ben Fields after she was asked to give up her phone several times by the teacher and administrators. When she refused, Fields was called to handle the situation and remove the student from the classroom. This simple request resulted … Continue reading

The soap opera that is Cincinnati transit How inaction on the streetcar damages Cincinnati’s image

By: Griff Bludworth Cincinnati is bad at transit. Despite the grand proclamations of activists, our 3 mph, 1.6 – mile streetcar which has just begun test runs does not promise to eliminate the transit gap between Cincinnati and peer cities indicated by a new report by the regional chamber of commerce. No one will deny … Continue reading

An open letter to our elected officials

By: The Xavier University IFTJ Delegation ~Open Letter~ This past weekend, the Xavier University Delegation had an incredible experience participating in the Ignation Family Teach-In for Justice (IFTJ), a conference attended by more than 1,500 students, staff and affiliates of Jesuit high schools, colleges and universities from across the continental United States. IFTJ focused on … Continue reading

Advice from the editor Folks, pure joy comes when you just stop caring

By: Jonathan Hogue ~Opinions & Editorials Editor My fellow Musketeers, yesterday I signed up for my final semester of classes at Xavier. It occurred to me that I do not have a lot of time left to share some of my wisdom with those around me. So with the time I still have to make … Continue reading

Staff editorial: election missteps

By: Editorial Staff ~Newswire~ Last week’s SGA election was a turning point for student government at Xavier. Caleb, Quigley and Kiana (CQK) were elected with only 8 percent of the undergraduate student body vote. This situation justifies the need for a frank discussion about the future of civic affairs on Xavier’s campus. Following the election, … Continue reading


By: Jessica Griggs, Tatum Hunter, Cecilia Nonis ~Newswire Cartoon~

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