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Letter to the Editor Off-campus partying at Xavier

(Our house on the 900 block of) Dana Avenue was a temple built for absolute collegiate freedom. Week in and week out, the tenants of the Avondale mansion would host parties the size of which could never be attained in the smaller houses that Norwood provided. Everyone from athletes to nerds would partake in the … Continue reading

A year of speaking out Students exercise their voices

Xavier students have not been short on opin­ions this year, and this year has been a rather event­ful one. Students have made strong statements about everything from the fence around the basketball courts to the ongoing Core curriculum revision. They have expressed interest in international poli­tics, defining what it means to be a student and … Continue reading

Life after college: the Great Unknown

It is a question that has plagued theologians, philosophers and scientists for decades — nay, centuries. We’ve all heard the quack re¬ports, but really, how could any rational-minded person take them seriously? The “alumni sightings” in offices, bars, graduate schools and open cornfields at night are clearly just deranged hallucinations. The older siblings who graduated … Continue reading

Gifts and challenges of a Jesuit education

Cornfields. More and more cornfields. I weaved in and out of lanes as I passed semi-truck after semi-truck at 2 in the morning on 1-71 towards Cincinnati, Ohio. The spring of 2010. The last col¬lege visit of far too many. A young kid from the Washington, D.C., suburbs making the eight-hour trek with his father … Continue reading

Looking back and forward: the Newswire is a lifestyle

Much of my fresh­man year was spent behind the counter of a certain Mediterranean restau­rant in the basement of Gallagher. We were never especially busy, so I was always looking for ways to pass the time between mopping floors, deep-frying falafel patties and shaving pieces of gyro off a spigot. Some days, I would bring … Continue reading

Editors-in-chief reflect on year

The bittersweet nature of ever-changing communities I’ve read many senior columns throughout the course of my time at Xavier. I’ve edited some, been present when a few were written and read three out-going editor-in-chief columns. I never thought the time would come when I would have to write my own, when I would be on … Continue reading

Open letter to Archbishop Schnurr

Editor’s Note: While we staff find some grievous factual errors in this letter that need correction, its spirit of solidarity is something we find commendable and worthy of attention from those who live in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.  Here are some clarifications: Xavier University and the Archdiocese of Cincinnati are distinct entities legally, according to … Continue reading

Senior letters: John Appeldorn

Learning to enjoy the process in a results-driven world I’ve never written one of these columns before. My experience with Op-Ed has largely been from a seat at the copy desk, with an eye of scrutiny and pen in hand. It is great to switch this up for one last time and share a few … Continue reading

Senior Letters: Katherine Colborn

When pursuing your passion is worth missing out   “Katherine, have you been getting any sleep?” People who know me have asked me this question pretty frequently. My answer for the majority of this year has been, “Not really.” It seems I’ve become known for a few things in my circle of friends, and two … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: DMK

To our fellow students, We, the 2013-14 SGA Executives, are incredibly humbled by the support we have been shown and want to say thank you for encouraging us and believing in us throughout our term. It has been an amazing journey full of learning, reflection and unpredictable transformation. We have worked hard during our term … Continue reading


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