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What is the proper goodbye?

Parting words for an imperfect community In saying goodbye, one expresses affection, well-wishes and an intent to return. When I tell my roommate and my close friends goodbye in a few weeks, at least, that’s how I will do it: “I love you, I hope the best for you and I hope I see you … Continue reading

Laugh in the face of the unknown

An improviser’s lesson on embracing the spontaneous beauty in life I’m a planner, a perfectionist. I need things to go a certain way. This is funny, because none of life’s great moments ever seem to abide by the rules of the “plan.” For years, I was lucky enough to be a member of Don’t Tell … Continue reading

The power of enough

There comes a point toward the end of every semester when all college students say, “I’ve had enough.” We become so exhausted by the general malaise of tests, homework and stress that only late-night fast food runs and hysterical sobbing can cure these woes. It is almost as if an intangible barrier of “enough” automatically … Continue reading

Learning how to “adult”

The art of learning how to take life in stride So, graduation is in a month. That means I am supposed to be a real person and start doing real-person things like balancing a budget and filing taxes. I’m supposed to be able to prepare balanced meals for myself and pack healthy lunches to eat … Continue reading

Your best has yet to come

Advice on how to make your four years a launching pad to a happy life As seniors in college, we are under a lot of pressure. Pressure to graduate, find a job, decide where we want to go, blah blah blah. All the adult stuff we like to pretend we don’t have to deal with. … Continue reading

The family that love built

I come from a relatively diverse family. My sister and I were both adopted from young birthmothers, and my sister is biracial. This, of course, does not make me an expert on diverse families in any matter, but I also had the pleasure of taking a sociology class my sophomore year, a class that focused … Continue reading

What Timehop doesn’t tell you

My Timehop tells me that April 1, 2011, was the day that I announced to all 350 of my Facebook friends that I would be attending Xavier University that fall. Four years later, I stand at the brink of leaving the place that has not only become my home, but has been my support system … Continue reading

More than a theology major

I like to conclude each year by reflecting on its surprises: I like remembering the plans I had in my past and their inevitable interruption by my future. But as I begin to write this senior column, I realize that these surprises really have been the theme of the past four years. The personal outcomes … Continue reading

America is not a democracy

The summer following my freshman year, I worked as an intern for my United States congressman. Part of my duties required me to answer the phones and hear constituents angrily complain about issues I could not control. Whenever I had an irate constituent on the phone, which was often, I was instructed by my supervisors … Continue reading

Understanding autism: sensory differences

Before spring break, there was a picture that made the rounds on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Reddit. The picture was of a simple dress, which viewers saw as either black and blue or white and gold. Those with different opinions on the dress’s color argued vehemently, trying to find a reason for this baffling phenomenon. … Continue reading

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