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Missed Opportunities: New Alter Hall design lacking

Everyone has seen it. Everyone has definitely heard it. Alter Hall is being renovated into an entirely new space on campus for students to work, learn and grow. Isn’t that exciting? Well, I’m challenging you to take a deeper look at this newly designed structure that “enhances” our campus community. I must start by commending … Continue reading

Marijuana legislation fuels inequality

Criminal records haunt job-seekers despite law’s repeal Time to talk drugs — weed, specifically. No one wants to be caught with marijuana on his or her person. Every pot-smoking, doobie-lighting, blunt-puffing college stoner lives in fear of the fine and confiscation of his or her precious herb if caught. However, for many people that have … Continue reading

The reality of “revitalization”: Changes in Over-The-Rhine neglect needs of traditional residents

What should I do this weekend? It’s a question all students ask themselves every week. Here at Xavier we’re only a quick 15 minute drive from one of the fastest developing neighborhoods in the country, Over-The-Rhine (OTR). OTR provides plenty of options for a leisurely weekend excursion from campus. Restaurants, shops and theaters can be … Continue reading

Was I just bullied?: The dangers of anonymity on Yik Yak

Last week, Max Bruns wrote an editorial about Yik Yak, the social media app that lets people within a five-mile radius write posts anonymously. I had never heard of the app until the editorial ran, and I had no interest in downloading it or reading what people wrote – until last Friday. Last Friday, Don’t … Continue reading

The shows must go on: Why live performance deserves to survive

In the age of television and film, many see acting on the stage as an obsolete art form. However, this view reflects an inadequate understanding of theater’s importance and value. Spending a few extra dollars (and getting off the couch) to experience live theater is worth it, even if our culture is telling us otherwise. … Continue reading

Value your vote: Midterm elections matter

If it’s an even-numbered year, that means it is election time. The midterm elections have candidates for local and federal offices criss-crossing respective districts in hope of winning our vote this November. Before you think of voting or politics and begin to get cynical, let me offer some advice. America is a representative democracy. Citizens … Continue reading

Definining Jesuit values

What’s behind the buzzwords? What does it mean to be a Jesuit, Catholic university? Well, I’m not sure, but this may be the year that students find out. This year is a special one at Xavier, or at least it ought to be. This year marks several important anniversaries: it is the 200th anniversary of … Continue reading

City Council has good intentions, bad judgment

Investment in minority-owned business fails to pay off In March 2012, Cincinnati’s city council voted to give $684,000 in grants to help restore space at the Banks (a mixed-use development project on Cincinnati’s riverfront) for a restaurant project called Mahogany’s and to loan an additional $300,000 to the restaurant to buy necessities and begin operations. … Continue reading

Yik Yak: forum for fun or platform for pettiness?

New social media app cloaks mean-spirited comments in anonymity Despite what a lot of the old folks are saying, I think our generation is pretty awesome. Humor is a really effective method of bridging social gaps, and as a generation, we have perfected the art of cynical, sarcastic humor. It takes the edge off many … Continue reading

The nuances of 9/11 In our fervor to remember, what do we forget?

Sept. 11, 2001: A day that, like Imperial Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor more than 70 years ago, “will live in infamy.” Each year, we remember the thousands of innocent lives claimed by the attacks on 9/11, flooding social media with posts that read “Never forget” and images of the burning World Trade Center towers. … Continue reading

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