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The myth of one America: lessons from Ferguson

One winter during middle school I went shopping with my mother. The reason I remember this shopping trip so vividly is this: while walking outside, I had a hood over my head because of the cold weather. I remember my mother quickly noticing my wardrobe before we entered the store and saying, “Don’t ever wear … Continue reading

Price of “saving our icons” too high for Cincinnatians

As a registered Republican and fiscal conservative, I seldom ask for more taxes. However, when I do ask for taxes, I want them to be well crafted. The Hamilton County Commissioners have voted to keep from the Nov. ballot a tax championed and designed by private sector leaders and to instead allow on the ballot … Continue reading

Examining Jesuit values at Xavier: A true commitment or a convenient catchphrase?

  Look around you — while first-year students are welcoming the sights and sounds of their new home and upperclassmen are hugging their returning class­mates, it’s time we stop to reflect on Xavier University as the very unique entity that it is. As you walk through campus for your first or your 101st time, you … Continue reading

Community on campus: Home is where your dorm is

Ah, Xavier. A place the country sees as a “basketball school.” The place that the state of Ohio sees as that other school in Cincinnati, but still not Ohio State. The place people from my home state of Tennessee see as a question: “Now, where is that?” But what I see, and hopefully what everyone … Continue reading

Three tips for incoming students: Your college experience is in your hands

Going to college, we all have certain expectations. We’ve heard stories, seen movies and read books, but we still never know quite what to expect. My first year at Xavier was a rollercoaster of emotions. I was excited, yet terrified, happy, yet homesick, but ready to take on the next four years in this new … Continue reading

A year of speaking out Students exercise their voices

Xavier students have not been short on opin­ions this year, and this year has been a rather event­ful one. Students have made strong statements about everything from the fence around the basketball courts to the ongoing Core curriculum revision. They have expressed interest in international poli­tics, defining what it means to be a student and … Continue reading

Life after college: the Great Unknown

It is a question that has plagued theologians, philosophers and scientists for decades — nay, centuries. We’ve all heard the quack re¬ports, but really, how could any rational-minded person take them seriously? The “alumni sightings” in offices, bars, graduate schools and open cornfields at night are clearly just deranged hallucinations. The older siblings who graduated … Continue reading

Gifts and challenges of a Jesuit education

Cornfields. More and more cornfields. I weaved in and out of lanes as I passed semi-truck after semi-truck at 2 in the morning on 1-71 towards Cincinnati, Ohio. The spring of 2010. The last col¬lege visit of far too many. A young kid from the Washington, D.C., suburbs making the eight-hour trek with his father … Continue reading

Looking back and forward: the Newswire is a lifestyle

Much of my fresh­man year was spent behind the counter of a certain Mediterranean restau­rant in the basement of Gallagher. We were never especially busy, so I was always looking for ways to pass the time between mopping floors, deep-frying falafel patties and shaving pieces of gyro off a spigot. Some days, I would bring … Continue reading

Editors-in-chief reflect on year

The bittersweet nature of ever-changing communities I’ve read many senior columns throughout the course of my time at Xavier. I’ve edited some, been present when a few were written and read three out-going editor-in-chief columns. I never thought the time would come when I would have to write my own, when I would be on … Continue reading


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