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On Brian Williams

I believed in Brian Williams. For those who do not know, Brian Williams was the managing editor and anchor of the “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams.” Although almost everyone has heard Williams’s name recently, many young people only know Brian Williams as “the liar.” About three weeks ago, nearly every major news outlet ran … Continue reading

Same-sex parenting

Earlier this month Katy Faust, a blogger raised by same-sex parents, wrote an open letter to Justice Kennedy, a traditional swing vote in the Supreme Court. In the letter, which has been shared more than 270,000 times, she argues that same-sex marriage presents inherent disadvantages to children. Because same-sex partners cannot have children in a … Continue reading

God does not win elections

Republican candidates scare off voters with appeals to religion A couple weeks ago, Bobby Jindal, governor of Louisiana and possible contender for the Republican presidential nomination for 2016 (he has not yet announced, but there is much speculation), headlined a prayer rally in his home state entitled “The Answer,” at which he was quoted saying, … Continue reading

Fifty shades: celebrating unhealthy sex

Ana and Grey’s relationship isn’t romanic, so why do we love it so much? Let’s face it; we live in an age of a multi-billion dollar Internet porn industry, discreet naughty-toy shipping and hundreds of apps that far surpass Tinder’s sexual connotation. All these things provide outlets for our curiosity about BDSM. “Fifty Shades of … Continue reading

Celebrating black history

Spencer and Anna Hogue were an average American couple. They married young, had steady jobs and provided themselves the best life their talents could produce. Spencer and Anna established their lives in Alabama during the height of the Jim Crow Era. Being African American, they understood that providing a stable life for themselves would not … Continue reading

Non-profit management

The need for a new major Xavier University is a private, Jesuit college in the Midwest. These descriptors imply several things. “Private” means that the government doesn’t have tight control over where Xavier spends its money. “University” implies tuition funds, room and board funds, private investor capital and alumni donations. Jesuit rings of one thing: … Continue reading

Bystander intervention at Xavier

According to the Bureau of Justice, 80 percent of “rape and sexual assault victimizations of students” age 18 through 24 go unreported to the police. It is widely acknowledged that sex-related crimes are occurring on college campuses across the nation, but they also occur within our own community. Despite the recent steps that Xavier has … Continue reading

Vaccines and the fear of autism

A young mother named Emma* took her twin sons Jacob and Danny for their regular checkup and to get their shots. Shortly after, Jacob broke out with a high temperature and a rash. His developmental progress slowed, and, less than a year later, he was diagnosed with autism. This diagnosis seemed to come out of … Continue reading

An open letter to Mayor Williams

Honorable Mayor Williams, Recently, you released a statement expressing your support for the men and women who serve and protect the citizens of Norwood. As the leader of this city, your intentions were right to stand in solidarity with the police force, but your understanding of race relations in Norwood and the rest of the … Continue reading

The bisexual caricature

Nothing is hotter than a bisexual woman. Not only do they like having sex with men, but they might just make out with a girl before they fulfill your every fantasy, right? Where did this caricature come from? Each letter in the LGBTQIA spectrum has its own struggles that it must face, and a personal … Continue reading

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