The Staff



Sabrina Brown

Sabrina hails from the small town of Shelby, Ohio but spent most of her childhood living on an island in Lake Erie. She is a senior English major at Xavier with minors in Peace Studies, Gender & Diversity Studies, and Business. Sabrina began working at the Newswire as a freshman and spent the past two years serving as Sports Editor. She loves all things purple, basketball, lions, scarves, Jane Austen, proper grammar, Christmas, her guitar, Dirty Dancing, car karaoke, nail polish, coffee and Tennyson. She does not appreciate exclamation points, Economics, mornings, clowns or LeBron James.

Managing Editor


Katherine Colborn

Born in Albany, raised in Cleveland, and currently residing in Cincinnati, Katherine is a senior at Xavier University majoring in Fine Arts and English Literature and minoring in Gender and Diversity Studies.  Previously, she worked as a copyeditor and the Arts & Entertainment for the Newswire.  She has interned for F&W Media in the Writer’s Digest Division and acted as the editor to the first publication of the Xavier Journal of Undergraduate Research (XJUR).  A neat freak and bookworm, she enjoys running, yoga, road trips, painting and Irish music, among many other things. She avoids cats at all costs. She is rarely sighted without a coffee cup in hand and will eat almost anything if it has peanut butter in it.

Campus News Editor


Meredith Francis

Loves: improv, dogs, running, Netflix, Liz Lemon, the city of Louisville, college basketball and books. Not fond of: messes, bad grammar, birds, mascots or leggings masquerading as pants.

Campus News Editor


Andrew Koch

Loves singing constantly, all things Xavier basketball (especially the pep band), late-night comedy, Billy Joel, killing time at Half-Price Books, musical theater, the lovely Amy Adams, pretending to play the guitar well, and the Oxford comma (when not writing in AP style).  Hates running, spiders, the rapper Pitbull, the University of Dayton and the Oxford comma (when writing in AP style).

Arts & Entertainment Editor


Patrick Phillips

Patrick loves performing and directing theater, playing piano, listening to some Ben Folds Five, walking his puppy, saying Liam Neeson’s name out loud and Silver Linings Playbook. Patrick hates hatred, Oxford commas, Vampire Weekend and elevators.

Sports Editor


Tim Wilmes

Tim Wilmes likes long walks through Cintas, enjoys an occasional meal in the Caf and dabbles in Theological studies.

Turn-ons: St. Louis and Cleveland sports, Manresa t-shirts.

Turn-offs: Bearcats and Redlegs.

Head Copy Editor


John headshot

John Appeldorn

John is a Cleveland-bred, guitar-playing, former utility infielder in a love/hate relationship with the Oxford comma. Likes Motown, corned-beef, black coffee, the Browns, Cormac McCarthy, and the Big Lebowski. Keeps it simple, makes a mean pizza, tells good stories, jams out with friends, throws a wicked sidearm, and enjoys the open road.

Features Editor


Hollis Conners

Loves all things Harry Potter, buying clothes and going to art museums, watches Bones, is destined to marry Adam Levine, sings Moulin Rouge music, hates the word “totes” and looked on her Pinterest to figure out what to say in this bio.

Opinions & Editorials Editor

T. Swift

Taylor Fulkerson

Taylor Fulkerson is majoring in philosophy and Spanish. He enjoys listening to indie music, refuting allegations that he is a hipster and stroking his hair or beard, whichever may be more convenient. He also appreciates T. S. Eliot’s poetry.


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