xHamster helps with sex education

By: Kevin Thomas ~Staff Writer~

Photo courtesy of sltri.com | The porn website xHamster redirects all visitors from Utah to a comprehensive sex-ed based website called “The Box.”

Due to a lack of proper sex education and a recent bill rejection in Utah, a porn site, xHamster has stepped up to the plate to fill the role.

The website is now redirecting all web traffic coming to its site from the state of Utah to an alternate site which features sex education videos.

First-year Trey Espinosa may not be entirely supportive of the porn site, but he believes that it is doing something essential.

“They are doing what they think is necessary to help [educate people about sex],” Espinosa said.

People from Utah who try to access the xHamster website (www.xhamster.com) are shown a pop-up ad, that states, “Utahns consume the most porn per capita of any state, but have some of the lowest levels of sexual education. We’re here to change that,” before being redirected to the alternate site, The Box.

xHamster developed all the materials that it is using to educate the people from Utah using questions that they frequently received from porn viewers. The material was developed within the last year.

Even though members of Utah’s House Education Committee admitted that the current sexual education program, which teaches only abstinence, was failing to stop the rising teen pregnancy rates and the spreading of sexually transmitted infections, Utah representatives rejected House Bill 215 with a 12-2 vote.

Had it passed, House Bill 215 would have allowed for both abstinence and comprehensive sex education to be taught in schools. Under this system parents would be able to decide which education their children would receive.

The current abstinence-only sex education that is taught in Utah public schools is a result of a bill that was passed in 2012.

“[State-sponsored sex education] is the best way to educate the kids of America,” Espinosa said.

“Especially in public schools. There should be an initiative to implement [comprehensive sex education] nationwide.”

While not sponsored by the state, xHamster decided that it was its place to step-up and fill the gaps left by Utah lawmakers.

“Beginning immediately, we’re rerouting all xHamster traffic from Utah to our comprehensive sex ed series, The Box,” a blog post from xHamster said. “While we love porn, we don’t think that it should be relied on for sex ed any more than Stars Wars is a substitute for science class.”