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Jokes and Japes for April Fool’s Day

By: August Dice ~Staff Writer~ Spring has finally arrived. It may be stumbling in late and drunk already, but spring has come. With the warm winds of the season arriving abruptly one fine afternoon, we must now face what we have done to our bodies during the holiday season. As the steady stream of family … Continue reading


By: Lydia Reagan ~Feature Editor~

Muskies defy expectations with Elite 8 run

By: Kyle Tooley ~Sports Editor~ From the moment the men’s basketball team was announced as the last entry into the 2017 NCAA Tournament, very few people offered it a chance. Three wins and an Elite 8 appearance later, critics across the nation are wondering what magic sparked the Musketeers’ deep tournament run. Xavier fell in … Continue reading

Part-time MBA program leaps in rankings

By: Erica Lampert ~Staff Writer~ Xavier’s Part-time MBA program made a significant jump from its 2016 ranking of 109th in the nation to 33th, US News recently announced. Along with the MBA program, Xavier has also risen to 21st in marketing and 28th in accounting. This is the ninth year the Williams College of Business … Continue reading

New housing process begins

By: Azl Saeed ~Staff Writer~ For the first time, the housing selection process for rising sophomore was done online. Similar to past years, students were randomly assigned lottery numbers to determine the order in which the selections could be made. Senior Director for Student Affairs Lori Lambert added that the purpose of altering the process … Continue reading

Attacks raise questions of safety

By: Savin Mattozzi ~Staff Writer~ In light of the recent attacks in London that killed five and injured 50 others, Xavier’s study abroad office continues to strive to ensure the safety of students studying abroad. Just under 50 students are studying abroad this semester, including one in Scotland and another in Ireland. Neither was in … Continue reading

Opera truck to visit XU

By: Max Bruns ~Advertising Manager~ Cincinnati Opera, the 97-year old opera company, recently created a new and accessible way to experience opera: an 18-wheeler truck called The Opera Express. From noon until 3 p.m. on April 10, The Opera Express is rolling into Xavier. “We’re trying to revive interest in opera at Xavier,” said Thom … Continue reading

The truth behind being an RA

By: Max Bruns ~Advertising Manager~ Xavier’s office of Residence Life selects resident assistants (RAs), the position I served in, who have a genuine care and concern for others. Xavier RAs jump at the chance to serve their residents and one another. They are kind, caring, smart people who aren’t afraid to make tough decisions quickly … Continue reading

Why safe spaces are important

By: Riley Head ~Copy Editor~ Recently, I went on the Women’s Day Retreat through the Center for Faith and Justice. Through the luck that my teacher sent me an email, I applied at the last minute and attended the day-long retreat. We spent the day at the Quaker home just off campus discussing stereotypes, pressures … Continue reading

Why relationships matter

By: Ramona Peckham ~Guest Writer~ We are constantly bombarded with school, work, maintaining a social life and family. It’s like a giant hamster wheel that keeps on spinning, and if you take one step off, you go splat on your face. But isn’t there more to life than just excelling at your work and maintaining … Continue reading