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Xavier Health will host AI Summit

Photo courtesy of | Xavier Health will be hosting the Artificial Intelligence Summit this Thursday and Friday. The Xavier Center for Artificial Intelligence is a collaborative effort backed by many departments. It will lead this initiative to develop AI solutions for all. Teams will continue to meet after the summit and will make their solutions available to any company or organization, free of charge.

Xavier will invite medical, pharmaceutical and other professional specialists and organizations to “Join FDA and industry experts to develop quality, regulatory and supply chain solutions through the power of AI (artificial intelligence),” this week.

The Xavier Center for Artificial Intelligence, which is a collaborative effort backed by many departments, will lead this initiative to develop AI solutions for all. The summit will be directed by representatives from medical and pharmaceutical industries who will connect with other experts in an effort to improve aspects of patient care using AI technology.

AI is defined as the development of computer systems to accomplish tasks and skills that would previously require human abilities.

AI is applicable today in many areas, especially in patient care within the medical field. Some of its medical uses include patient safety, the avoidance of drug and product recalls, the reduction of drug costs and early diagnoses.

Teams will be continuing to meet after the summit, which is held at the end of the month. The solutions that come from these meetings will be made available to any company or organization, free of charge.

The ultimate goal is to develop safer and more proactive care for patients.

Although AI innovations are at the forefront of technology, the subject is controversial.

“In this case, for the medical field, (AI) is a good idea. It will save many lives through its ability and attention for detail,” sophomore Annie Mesewicz said.

“My fear is that technology will be developed that people are not prepared for. There will be consequences, and many jobs could be at stake.”

While the development of AI may present new challenges and risks, such as technology replacing some human jobs, it also provides new academic opportunities and the possibility for safer, more efficient medical solutions, according to Healthcare IT News.

The AI Summit paves the way for Xavier to play an influential role in cutting edge technology and allows the campus to put its minds and resources to use in the wider community.

By: Ellen Braverman ~Staff Writer~

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