Weekly SGA meetings covers Alter Hall, clubs under review

Photo courtesy of schafer-inc.com

  • The LGBTQ alliance is hoping to host a drag show on Oct. 19. Alyssa Edwards, who they intend to have headline the show, is a big name in the drag world, having competed multiple times. Five additional local drag queens and a drag king may also perform. The theme will be “Hallowqueen” and the event may only be open to Xavier students.
  • After extensive debate, Alter Hall will now remain open until 2 a.m., according to Senator Chris Harding. It is currently unknown whether or not gaining access to the building at late hours will require use of an ALL Card.
  • The Commuter Council is being restructured entirely. The Off-Campus Committee is assisting and predicts it will be an “almost entirely different club,” chair of Student Organizations Committee Johnny Srsich said. Major changes in consideration include a constitution rewrite and a name change.
  • The request from the Off-Campus Committee for an additional $375 to increase airport busing services until midnight during Thanksgiving break, winter break and spring break has been granted.
  • The lack of busing services past 9 p.m. posed issues for both international and out-of-state students, both of whom have limited access to backup transportation should their flights cancel or delay.
  • Eight new clubs are currently under review by SGA. If they are all approved, the total number of active clubs on Xavier’s campus will reach 176.

By: Soondos-Mulla Ossman ~Copy Editor~