SGA talks DACA, TriHealth, clubs in weekly meeting

Photo courtesy of Xavier University

  • Angie Kneflin, Care Management Coordinator and Dean of Students, appeared as a guest in the meeting, sharing the highlights of Xavier’s upcoming Wellness Week. The university is working with Art with Impact, a group to which students can submit short films about mental health. These films will be brought to campus for a screening on Sept. 25 and will be followed by a discussion forum. Wellness Week’s finale will be the returning Warrior Run, a 5K run and walk that raises awareness for mental health.
  • Jean Griffin, Director of Student Integrity and Dean of Students, appeared as a guest in the meeting. She addressed the university’s switch for health services to TriHealth and answered questions from students.
  • The university officially began the partnership on July 1, but TriHealth employees have been working on campus since January.
  • The only significant difference that students will see with the change, Griffin said, is that TriHealth is billing student insurance for care received at the Health Center. Insurance cards must be presented to receive care. TriHealth will ensure that no student will be turned away due to lack of insurance.
  • There are now a total of nine new clubs that are awaiting conditional status. After conditional acceptance, new clubs go through a nine-week “trial period” to see how they perform until finally becoming an official club and receiving club funding.
  • SGA President Zeina Farhat, along with SGA presidents from other Jesuit universities, signed a letter speaking out against the removal of DACA.
  • Farhat and Vice President Eduardo Patron have meetings planned with individuals including David Johnson, associate provost and chief student affairs officer, about internship for credit. President Farhat said some colleges provide cheaper internships than others. Internships for the College of Arts and Sciences can cost up to $1800, while those for the Williams College of Business cost $250.
  • Dustin Lewis, SGA advisor, called for a moment of silence for the 16th anniversary of 9/11. He remarked that the students in the room were one of the last generations who remembered that day, and encouraged everyone in the room to pause and reflect.

By: Soondos Mulla-Ossman ~Copy Editor~