Boogie on the Boat: Do’s and Don’ts

Photo courtesy of Husman Hall Twitter 

This Friday is the annual SAC Boat Dance. If it’s your first year or your fourth, here are some helpful tips to make the best of your evening under the stars.

Do: Dress in layers. You’ll be on a boat in the middle of a river and at the mercy of the unpredictable Cincinnati weather. Bring a light jacket or make sure your date has one you can borrow. There’s plenty of space for you to store it if you get too hot on the dance floor!

Don’t: Be (visibly) drunk. This is a school sponsored event, so if you’ve been drinking, they won’t let you attend. And the worst part? No refund.

Do: Wear clothes that you will be comfortable in. This is an event made for dancing! You’ll want to be comfortable and not feel the need to keep running to the bathroom to adjust. You also need to be able to stay on your feet for the entire five hours. I’m looking at you guy wearing sockless leather loafers.

Don’t: Eat before! Dinner is included with the purchase of your ticket. Make sure to save room for dessert because the cheesecake is usually quite delicious.

Do: Bring anything you’ll need for a touchup! Dinner is served on the boat, so there’s no shame in packing your lipgloss and maybe a couple of TUMS as well.

Don’t: Wear anything too outrageous. You will be taking public yellow schoolbuses all the way to the riverfront and will most likely have to share a seat. So maybe save that tulle ball gown for the next gala.

By: Riley Head ~A&E Editor~