Life of Kylie gets poor ratings

Photo courtesy of E! News | Kylie Jenner’s spin-off Life of Kylie battled poor ratings in its first season.

Life of Kylie saw its season wrap up this Sunday. The show followed beauty mogul Kylie Jenner’s life over a two-month period. The star is incredibly active on all social media platforms, and the show was expected to give fans a behind-the-scenes, unedited view of the reality star’s life.

Highlights of the season include Jenner’s budding relationship with rapper Travis Scott, Jenner’s MET Gala attendance and her travels to Peru and London.

The show faced criticism and low ratings for lack of drama. Promos for the show showcased intense and action-packed moments, which did not accurately reflect the reality of the show.

Inside sources said after the first few episodes aired, producers scrambled to re-edit the remaining installments to boost ratings.

The show was only contracted for one season as a sneak peek into the star’s life as she faces peak media attention. There is no word from the show’s host network, E! News, on whether Life of Kylie will ever return to the air. The reality television star can be seen on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” the reality show that features her entire family and is celebrating its thirteenth season.

Kylie Jenner has been working on expanding her name’s brand past her family ties. The twenty-year-old has several fashion lines, merchandise, a beauty line and now her own television show.

By: Riley Head ~A&E Editor~