Opinion: Why Spicer’s Emmy’s appearance wasn’t funny

Photo courtesy of CNN | Former Press Secretary Sean Spicer tried to mock himself at the Emmy’s Sunday. A&E Editor Riley Head argues that accepting what he did creates a dangerous precedent.

Sunday night former Press Secretary Sean Spicer made an appearance at the Emmys. He surprised a majority of the audience by taking the stage behind the famous maneuverable podium that Melissa McCarthy used in her skits that mocked him. The former press secretary made some jokes about his defense of the lie made about the size of President Trump’s inauguration crowds.

People laughed in shock and confusion when Spicer appeared. Some celebrities in attendance, most notably James Corden, went on to take or post goofy pictures with the former press secretary.

The thing is, Sean Spicer isn’t funny or goofy.

He was a manipulative mouthpiece for a manipulative President. Sean Spicer lied to the press, refused to answer questions, and bullied reporters. Sean Spicer is responsible for the distortion of truth that was presented to the American public and is a large contributor to the devolution of truth and the creation of fake news.

Some reactions on social media have rushed to the defense of Spicer, claiming it was clear he is no longer on Trump’s side and that he was making the joke on Trump.

I would make the claim that had Spicer not been fired by the Trump administration, Spicer would still be on the other side of the podium, spreading lies and misinformation to the American people. Now is not the time for humorous absolution of guilt for opportunistic liars.

If Spicer is turned into a goofy little guy, a dangerous precedent of acceptance is set. We cannot normalize the abuse of power that he so complicitly enjoyed. If we forget what he did and the lies he told, we let this creation and dispersion of fake facts become part of the American narrative.

Spicer was paid with taxpayer dollars to be front of the Presidency and on that salary of taxpayer dollars he lied again and again and again.

The manipulation of spectacle and fame is exactly what landed Trump the Presidency.
We must be able to differentiate from platform and knowledge. In this age of the internet and misinformation, we must stay vigilant and informed. Verify facts and challenge people who tell you that politics doesn’t have a place in the Arts and Entertainment section.

All people involved with getting Sean Spicer on stage at the Emmys should be ashamed.
The celebrities that once ridiculed and rebuked him but last night laughed with him should be ashamed.

So don’t let this spectacle distract you. Go call your Senators and fight the repeal of Obamacare.

By: Riley Head ~A&E Editor~