Features Extras – 10/10/2017

“Paper Airplane Zoo” drawing courtesy of Annie DeGrood. Created using Copic Multilinear Pens and Prismacolor Premier Markers.







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Aries: Something shocking will happen. However, I can’t tell you until you Venmo me 25 cents. A college kid needs to eat.

Taurus: The stars are in alignment, you will find a much needed nap.

Gemini: Midterms have come and gone, but you still have no idea who half the people in your class are.

Cancer: You won’t be able to resist buying yet another succulent for your windowsill.

Leo: You’ve already made your countdown to Christmas. Calm down, Buddy.

Virgo: Be careful not to walk under any ladders or cross paths with any black cats this Friday.

Libra: All you’re getting this week in the caf is leaky cups. Tough luck.

Scorpio: You’re strangely feeling the urge to consume apple everything. Apple pie, apple cider, applesauce, even wormy apples!

Sagittarius: You pretend to know what’s going on in Grey’s, but you lost track somewhere around season 4.

Capricorn: Downside: You’re starting to get sick. Upside: You have an excuse not to look presentable this week.

Aquarius: You are very thankful to all those who finally did their laundry during fall break.

Pisces: When in doubt, choose sí or c.