Features Extras – 11/1/2017

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wordsearch 11.1.17

Where’s Waldo?



Aries: A friend will treat you to a great meal this week.

Taurus: You will get only green lights this week!

Gemini: Love yourself and eat dessert at every meal this week. You deserve it.

Cancer: You are still shook from Stranger Things Season 2.

Leo: Mother Nature is so mean to skip sweater weather because your fall outfits are so cute and are so ruined by coats.

Virgo: This just in: Farmville is cool again, and you should definitely invite everyone on Facebook to play.

Libra: Don’t forget to cheer when Xavier men’s basketball gets a touchdown at the exhibition game this weekend!

Scorpio: Good vibes only this week because you are going to crush it!! First step: Get out of your warm bed.

Sagittarius: All of your gross morning classes will be cancelled this week so you don’t have to go outside in the cold.

Capricorn: Don’t panic, it’s not like you only have a month left of school…oh shoot, panic!!!

Aquarius: Stay warm, eat healthy, drink water and wear a hazmat suit to protect yourself from getting sick.

Pisces: It’s not that you hate Thanksgiving, it’s just that Christmas has better songs.