A universe endures forever

Photo courtesy of flickeringmyth.com | It has been more than 40 years since Star Wars first captured the hearts and minds of people of all ages but it is still relevant today.

 It has been more than 40 years since Star Wars first captured the hearts and minds of people of all ages. Since then, and without any prospect of slowing down, the awe-inspiring films have had profound effects in not just the United States but around the world. Star Wars is more than a series of films. Licensed Star Wars products from t-shirts to action figures, costumes to home appliances and designer clothing lines to special edition vehicles have continued to dominate commerce on all continents.

Fandom in the Star Wars universe — and other galaxies far, far away, I presume — is alive and well. Star Wars conventions, themed weddings and conspiracy theories have become nearly routine amongst devoted fans. Some fans align themselves with the Empire and the Dark Side. Some feel compelled to a loyalty to the Rebels and the Light Side. Who doesn’t recognize Darth Vader? Is there anyone who hasn’t engaged in a mock lightsaber battle? In fact, I would be instinctively suspicious of anyone claiming not to have seen a Star Wars film (Is there such a person?!).

With all this in mind, Star Wars has truly transcended the world of film and has really become part of our everyday lives. With today’s revival of the Star Wars universe, people of all ages are just as captivated by it now as they were when the first movie came out.
The movies became so popular that President Ronald Reagan used the phrase “Star Wars Program” to describe America’s technology for missile defense during the Cold War.

Today, people dress up as their favorite characters and go to see the newest additions to the universe they grew up loving. In many cases, that love spans generations, as parents pass down the fandom they grew up with to their children. With so much more still ahead in the franchise, it would be no surprise if our own children became fans as well.

Star Wars is simply not a generational trend or some bad sci-fi movie that’s fun to make fun of — it has truly become an integral part of everyday popular culture in not only America but throughout much of the world.

By: Payton Kelly ~Guest Writer~