Star Wars by the numbers

Photo courtesy of Lancaster Online | The numbers behind your favorite Star Wars movies.

$6,669,309,200 – After adjusting for inflation, this is how much Star Wars has made at the box office. This makes it the highest grossing franchise ever, more than other popular franchises such as Harry Potter, James Bond, Star Trek and the Marvel movies.

$7,500 – The amount of money James Earl Jones was paid to voice Darth Vader without adjusting for inflation. Jones completed all his lines in two and a half hours.

$10,000 – The amount Harrison Ford was paid for his role in the the original movie (without inflation), despite being one of the main characters.

$39,536,000,000 – The total amount of revenue the Star Wars franchise has generated through box office sales, toys, video games, merchandise, books, television and more.

8 – The total number of Star Wars-themed rides and, coming soon, parks in Disneylands around the world.

1,308 – The number of minutes it would take to watch every movie in the Star Wars saga, including The Clone Wars, Rogue One and The Last Jedi. That equates to 21 hours and 48 minutes.

200+ – The number of pages in the original screenplay. Because most screenplays are about half this size, George Lucas cut the last two acts that would eventually become the basis for The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

12 – The total number of minutes Darth Vader appears on screen in the original Star Wars.

7 – Oscar wins for the series, with the majority being won by the original movie, A New Hope.

3 – The number of people who knew Vader was Luke’s father prior to the scene being shot. George Lucas, Irvin Kershner and Gary Kurtz were the only people who knew of the twist before shooting. To keep it secret, as few people as possible were told, and a false page of dialogue was inserted into the script. Mark Hamill himself was not informed until moments before shooting.

By: Donnie Menke ~Staff Writer~