Week in Review – 8/15/2018

Photo courtesy of Polizei Baden-Wurttemberg | What antics did this lovable little scamp get up to?

  • It seems that no jobs, not even packing school lunches, are immune to outsourcing. The Chicago Tribune reported that catering businesses nationwide have begun offering options for delivering meals to students during their lunch periods. Business owners and parents cite the stress of packing their kids’ lunches day after day as the reason for summoning such services (Aug. 10).
  • A theme park in France has taken a new approach to keeping its grounds clean: turning to nature itself, specifically to big, black birds. The staff is training six crows to pick up litter by rewarding them with food nuggets each time they retrieve a piece of trash and deposit it into the rubbish bin (Aug. 11).
  • A German man called police to report a serious issue: He was being pursued by a baby squirrel. Karlsruhe police responded promptly to the scene and initiated their own pursuit of the animal, which fell asleep after being caught. The police department has declared the critter its new mascot and dubbed it Karl-Friedrich (Aug. 12).
  • Mexico police discovered cocaine hidden in bread rolls at a Guadalajara airport. Each of the 15 rolls contained 120 grams of the drug, totaling around $270,000. Nothing was reported with regard to the quality of the rolls themselves (Aug. 13).
  • A New Jersey couple’s wedding bliss was interrupted by a sudden onslaught of rain and flooding that trapped them in their car. Local police helped the two climb out through the car’s sunroof to safety. Despite the stormy start to their marriage, the couple is now happily honeymooning in Jamaica, where the forecast calls for clear skies (Aug. 13).

This article was assembled by U.S. & World News Editor Jack Dunn.