Photo-op: 2020 presidential election

“How do you think the pandemic will affect the upcoming presidential race?”

“I think the pandemic is going to make voters reevaluate the issues they’re most concerned with. Before the pandemic, issues at the forefront were more related to immigration, healthcare and education. All of a sudden we are finding ourselves on the verge of an economic disaster. I think the voters are going to be assessing the economic policies of the presidential candidates much more critically to decide which candidate can most effectively mend this now fragile economy, and return the country to economic success.”

Mary Cianciolo, junior pub-
lic-relations major

 “I feel as though this pandemic has caused a high rate of voter suppression. I predict that we are going to see incredibly opposing results from the states whose primaries were not postponed versus those that were… I am hopeful that people will recognize that the Trump administration’s response was subpar. That we have to lean on socialism to get us through a crisis should tell the people exactly what we need.”

Carolyn Younquist, junior music education major

 “I personally don’t think that the pandemic will change the outcome of the election because the Democrats have already handed it to Trump by nominating Biden. However, I think it may cause some left-leaning economic policies to become more appealing to conservatives, many of whom are truly seeing the effects of (right-leaning economic policy) for the first time.”

Tristian Weber, junior Philosophy, Politics and the Public and economics major

“I personally think that it is already affecting the 2020 election… Coronavirus is on the media so much that there isn’t a lot of advertising going on. Right now, it’s just Trump vs. Biden and I think Biden is having a hard time advertising his campaign because the coronavirus is on the news so much.”

Maria Skill, senior music performance major

 “I think the pandemic helped cement Biden’s victory over Bernie Sanders. I also really think that who wins is going to come down to if people feel like Trump is handling the pandemic well, even though voting seems problematic if COVID-19 doesn’t go away.”

Alex Vinzce, junior biology major

“Personally, I think it should be a damaging thing for Trump but his approval ratings went up for some reason… Seems pretty dumb to support a person who had the foresight to do something about it and then literally (took) no action.”

Dale Hyde, first-year political science major

“This pandemic has affected people’s families and people’s jobs. I think that it will be very important in this next election to vote for someone who will help to get the economy back on its feet and help those who’ve been affected.”

Maia Chess, first-year Politics, Philosophy and the Public major.