Police Notes-8/20

XUPD Chief Robert Warfel has taken a role of the COVID-19 Task Force as the Director of Public Safety. He has been involved with the Task Force since its creation last school year. 

XUPD has adapted to the pandemic by utilizing protective barriers while fingerprinting and using an open-air golf cart for medical escorts. 

Due to financial reasons brought on by the pandemic, Xavier University offered employees a voluntary separation. Four XUPD employees opted for the voluntary separation. 

Over the summer, XUPD completed enhanced training and community service. The department assisted in transporting over 5,000 meals for Freestore Foodbank at the Evanston Recreation Center. Officers also worked on park cleanup and beautification at one park in the Evanston community. 

Lt. Shaun Bryce left the XUPD and took a job as a police captain at the University of Utah. 

XUPD is no longer accepting low-value items for their lost and found. They encourage students only to bring high-value items with which officers could identify the owner, in order to reduce risk of transmission of COVID-19.

XUPD recommends that found clothing be dropped off in the St. Vincent DePaul box behind the Kuhlman Hall, and that found phones be donated in the donation boxes located in Gallagher Student Center. 

Visitor parking passes will no longer be issued at the XUPD station on campus.

Chief Mike Couch accepted a voluntary separation and will now be working part-time as an officer with the XUPD. 

XUPD received a new fleet of police cruisers, including three Chevy Tahoes, one Dodge Charger and one Ford Explorer. These cars will be designed with new graphics and will be all-white. 

Note of the Week

Officer Bill Smith was integral to connecting a string of Norwood, Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky robberies of which one Xavier student was a victim. The perpetrator of these robberies allegedly forced victims to go to an ATM to withdraw money, which Officer Smith recognized as similar to the Xavier case. The case is now closed.