Lady A Steals the Show Post-Reds

By Ethan Nichols, Staff Writer

Saturday night, following a loss by the Cincinnati Reds, fans were treated to a captivating show by none other than Lady A at Great American Ballpark. 

The powerhouse trio consisting of vocalist Hillary Scott, vocalist and guitarist Charles Kelley and vocalist and guitarist Dave Haywood, burst onto stage at 10 p.m. with what many might have anticipated to be a country show. In reality, Lady A gave  an electric and thrilling rock show, captivating the audience.

Newswire photo courtesy of Ethan Nichols

Before the show, I would not have considered myself a die-hard Lady A fan. I was familiar with their music, especially hit songs like “Need You Now” and “Downtown,” but I would not have recognized the band members on the street or been able to pick out most of their music.

Concert attendee and proclaimed life-long fan of the band Sarah Ross reflected on her experience.

“Seeing Lady A on the field at Great American was a unique and fun concert experience. They have been one of my favorite bands for a long time and did not disappoint last Saturday night,” Ross said.

I was not the only inexperienced Lady A fan, though. I also went with my friend Lizzy Schuler, a junior marketing major, who was also a first-time Lady A concert-goer. 

“Before the concert, I wasn’t familiar with Lady A’s music. However, their amazing stage presence and captivating live performance has me listening to “Love Don’t Live Here” all the time! I’m so thankful for (my friends) for giving me the opportunity to see them on the field,” Schuler said.

Coming out of the show, I can now enthusiastically say that I am a die-hard Lady A fan. Their music struck a chord with me.

When Hillary Scott sang the lyrics “guess I rather hurt than feel nothing at all,” I could feel myself tearing up. Not only was the live performance captivating and thrilling, but their music is lyrically deeper than you might expect from a country trio.

“There’s a wild, wild whisper / Blowing in the wind / Calling out my name like a long lost friend / Oh I miss those days as the years go by / Oh nothing’s sweeter than summertime.”

I think everyone can resonate with these lyrics. There is something real about Lady A. They aren’t just any other country rock band. They sing about something intrinsic to the human spirit. While yes — many, many artists write about love and longing, Lady A manages to do so in a unique way that I have not seen in quite some time. 

Standing on the  baseball field, I understood exactly why this band has earned so many Grammy nominations and awards. I understood why so many people had waited around after a long baseball game to get the chance to see them perform.

It’s true. Nothing is sweeter than summertime. Lady A shocked me, truly. Lady A can “take me downtown” any day.