Your Ideology is Hypocrisy

Opinion by Waleed Majid, Staff Writer

The West has fallen. I’m not speaking ironically, nor am I trolling. The West has, in fact, fallen from Olympus down to the gaping mouth of Hades. Do you want to know why the mighty West, the bastion of the White race and the exuberant epitome of the Aryan spirit, has crumbled beneath the feet of those who claim to champion its adventurous history, undeniable strength and domineering formidability? 

It’s not because, as the right would tell you, the Jews, gays and Blacks have taken over Hollywood and politics, nor because of supposed moral degradation or the loss of religious fervor. 

No, no, no. The West has fallen because the right is unprincipled. These idiots have either gone mad or are completely confused about their ultimate ideological goal. On a Thursday afternoon, they will deny the Holocaust, and the following Sunday evening, they will support the establishment of the Zionist entity in Palestine. Maybe on Labor Day, they’ll shame workers for unionizing at some stupid coffee shop, and perhaps during the winter, they will go full-blown Leninist over some Canadian truckers. 

The West has now faced a perplexing contradiction threatening its security and existence. That contradiction is between an evolving demographic of political beings that negate the West and the ideology of White self-preservation that has unified the Western world since the Third Reich. 

But the Western conservative copes with this contradiction by mixing and matching, picking and choosing whatever narrative fits his vision for a White paradise and an all-encompassing ideology shielding him from guilt and cognitive dissonance. This fascist, this foe of freedom and individual will, is one lousy enemy. He is one lousy enemy because he cannot come to a unanimous foundation for his vision for the world amongst his peers. He is a charlatan who speaks from the heart but isn’t able to communicate with sincerity; he is a hypocrite.

Proof of his hypocrisy is present in the type of men he follows. What kind of “blood and soil,” closeted white supremacist follows and defends a mixed-race Muslim sex trafficker who runs a podcast promoting toxic masculinity (Andrew Tate), a president who is degenerate in all senses of the word (Donald Trump), a Zionist who is a master of innuendo (Ben Shapiro) and a pundit who promotes masculinity but cries at every damn thing (Jordan Peterson). 

These people put conservative ideology on a pedestal despite that ideology’s refusal to acknowledge their existence. Thus, the Western man lacks the willingness and the strength to go all the way with their convictions if those are their champions of the Western spirit, masculinity, White unity and so on. These celebrities are not the ones a conservative should look up to, nor are they fit for a true conservative — the conservative that hates the Jew, the Black and the homosexual. 

 I can already hear the whimpering now: “But Waleed, not all conservatives follow these men! The conservatives who like and follow these people do not want to kill minorities.” And I say to that: sure. That is true, undeniably. But when you use the same rhetoric, make the same enemies and protect the same majority demographic, no other connection can exist. 

The conservatives are not ready to change the world according to their dreams if they cannot agree on who to kill and who to spare. Thus, the West has fallen since the conservative has let into his midst those whom he claims to be lesser. If you are a conservative and reading this, I urge you to either remove those feelings of guilt, fear and shame in your heart for having your beliefs or become principled and steadfast in your creed and make yourself an open enemy for me and for all to oppose. Either make this choice or suffer forever in pitiful silence and subjugate yourself in front of enemies you wish you could destroy. 

But until then, you are weak, and then the West is ours to conquer.