XU names Al-Nsair nursing dean

By Marty Dubecky, Staff Writer Dr. Nezam Al-Nsair will be appointed dean of the College of Nursing after an almost three-year period during which the position has been held by Interim Dean Dr. Judith H. Lewis. Al-Nsair, who will be newly joining the Xavier faculty, expressed his appreciation for the appointment, adding that he has always admired the Xavier nursing department’s high achievement. “I wanted to associate myself with such an institution that is highly regarded and ranked in the region,” he said of the Xavier community.  Al-Nsair began his education at Jordan University of Science and Technology in Irbid, … Continue reading XU names Al-Nsair nursing dean

Back Page 4/20/2022

Dear Almanzo, These last weeks as a first-year are the worst weeks of my life! Nothing is going right. I need to write two 10-page essays in the next two weeks. That’s 20 pages! I also have to learn 23 verbs for Italian –– all while studying for my finals. I don’t even think that’s humanly possible. Outside of class, my friend situation is falling apart. I still feel like I’m only acquaintances with everyone I know after an entire year here. I miss the support of my high school friends. My one real friend just started spending all his … Continue reading Back Page 4/20/2022

The Lighter Side

Swifty millipedes, Israeli nuclear facilities Texas state troopers have been instructed to “slim down” or face consequences. The report states that troopers with waist sizes over 40 inches will need to track and report weight loss efforts (April 18). Israel’s top-secret, state-of-the-art nuclear facility is under assault from porcupines. The small creatures set up near the facility and have been digging under the building, causing concerns (April 19). A new species of millipedes has been named after Taylor Swift. The species has been dubbed Nannaria swiftae, or in common vernacular, Swift Twisted-Claw Millipede (April 20). A Maryland man has been … Continue reading The Lighter Side