Make consent

Photo courtesy of Griffith University | Arts and Entertainment Editor Riley Head begins her series on all of the necessary components of consent in sexual relationships. As the #MeToo and Times Up movements have shifted the national conversation toward supporting survivors of sexual assault and believing their stories, they have also brought out a whole crop of … Continue reading Make consent

My pleasures are not guilty

Photo courtesy of Food Network Canada | Opinions and Editorials Editor Abrena Rowe explains how "guilty pleasure" has a sexist connotation.  According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary’s definition, a “guilty pleasure” is typically a movie, television program or piece of music that one enjoys despite feeling that it is not generally held in high regard by society. I … Continue reading My pleasures are not guilty

I’m not special, neither are you

Photo courtesy of The Telegraph | Staff Writer Soondos Mulla-Osman argues that your "gifts" mean nothing unless you challenge yourself. Rejection letters. Waitlists. Unanswered emails. No callbacks. I’d like to think we all have our egos fed at one point. We probably sometimes tell ourselves, at least subconsciously, that we have a faint shot at succeeding in … Continue reading I’m not special, neither are you