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Professor Profile: Bryan Norton, S.J.

By: Taylor Fulkerson ~Managing Editor~ Managing Editor Taylor Fulkerson sat down with Jesuit Scholastic. Bryan Norton, S.J. to talk about coming to Xavier, teaching and how he began studying classics. Xavier Newswire: How did you get into classics? Bryan Norton, S.J.: The Jesuits got me into classics. I’m from Cleveland, Ohio. I graduated from the … Continue reading

Professor Profile: Dr. Graley Herren

Gina Carfagno ~Staff Writer~ Xavier University has appointed a new chair of the English department, Dr. Graley Herren. The Newswire decided to sit down and chat with him. The Xavier Newswire: What is your position at Xavier? GH: I’m a Professor of English.  I’m also the chair of the English department. XN: What classes do … Continue reading

Professor profile: Dr. Kristen Renzi

By: Taylor Fulkerson ~Opinion & Editorial Editor~ Dr. Kristen Renzi, who specializes in Victorian and transatlantic 19th century literature, is new to Xavier’s English department this year. She has both her Ph.D. and MFA in poetry from Indiana University. The Newswire sat down with her to talk about her academic interests, teaching and classwork, personal … Continue reading

Professor Profile: Dr. Dena Morton

By: Josh Stahl Dr. Dena Morton has been teaching at Xavier for over 14 years and she recently obtained full professor status.  Morton is from Buffalo, N.Y., and she took her graduate classes at Johns Hopkins University, majoring in mathematics. She is married to Jack Morton with three girls between the ages of four and … Continue reading

Professor Profile: Dr. Gwyneth Mellinger

By: Gina Carfagno Dr. Gwyneth Mellinger is a new professor at Xavier University and the new Head of Deaprtment for Communication Arts.The Newswire sat down with Dr. Mellinger to learn more about her. Xavier Newswire: What brought you to Xavier? Gwyneth Mellinger: The opportunity to develop curriculum and other programs at a university committed to … Continue reading