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Learning how to “adult”

The art of learning how to take life in stride So, graduation is in a month. That means I am supposed to be a real person and start doing real-person things like balancing a budget and filing taxes. I’m supposed to be able to prepare balanced meals for myself and pack healthy lunches to eat … Continue reading

Letter to the editor

Dear students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of Xavier University, We want to thank everyone in the Xavier community for the outstanding support during the March Gladness campaign. As chairs of the March Gladness Street Team, we were fortunate enough to witness the Xavier community, here in Cincinnati, across the country and even in multiple … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor

As student leaders at Xavier, we read Meredith Beamer’s letter to the Editor in last week’s Newswire with a mix of excitement, encouragement and new awareness. The excitement came from reading the words of a fellow Xavier student who shares our passion for creating a safer campus community. We were encouraged to know that others agree … Continue reading

Ebola panic spreads

But Americans’ concern is selective I am not a germophobe. You can cough on me, and I probably won’t even flinch. I do not believe in hand sanitizer. I do not always wipe down equipment at the gym. I also am not a hypochondriac. I am someone who, while coughing and sneezing, still makes it … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor Off-campus partying at Xavier

(Our house on the 900 block of) Dana Avenue was a temple built for absolute collegiate freedom. Week in and week out, the tenants of the Avondale mansion would host parties the size of which could never be attained in the smaller houses that Norwood provided. Everyone from athletes to nerds would partake in the … Continue reading

Open letter to Archbishop Schnurr

Editor’s Note: While we staff find some grievous factual errors in this letter that need correction, its spirit of solidarity is something we find commendable and worthy of attention from those who live in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.  Here are some clarifications: Xavier University and the Archdiocese of Cincinnati are distinct entities legally, according to … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: DMK

To our fellow students, We, the 2013-14 SGA Executives, are incredibly humbled by the support we have been shown and want to say thank you for encouraging us and believing in us throughout our term. It has been an amazing journey full of learning, reflection and unpredictable transformation. We have worked hard during our term … Continue reading

Tweeting “confessions”

If you’re a Xavier student and you’re on Twitter, I probably don’t need to introduce you to the many anonymous Xavier accounts, ranging from the uplifting @XU_Affirmations to the raunchy @XUMakeouts to the always entertaining and suggestive @XUBananaEaters. The latest of these is an account that uses the Xavier University logo and operates under the … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: election code reform

I’d like to begin by acknowledging the dedication of the current members of the Board of Elections, especially considering the amount of complaints raised in the recent SGA Executive race. While they were respectful to the Elections Code in their enforcement of the rules, I think all four tickets would join me in saying that … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: In response to McMahon’s “Subsidized preschools?”

By: Josh Sabo First, we have to applaud McMahon’s observation of the importance of culture with regards to education in America. Culture is certainly the problem. However, what McMahon means to critique — albeit, in a limited way — becomes part of a culture of negativity in reaction to education policy. This culture believes that … Continue reading