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SGA elections endorsement Each year, the Newswire conducts thorough interviews with all approved Student Government Association (SGA) executive tickets and subsequently releases an official endorsement of the ticket we believe is the most qualified. This year, our decision was difficult, as both tickets had well-planned platforms and strong performances in the interviews. We were impressed … Continue reading

Staff editorial: basketball 101

The Newswire has, unfortunately, addressed this topic before. And only two years ago, to boot. Apparently, women know nothing about sports. Or, in a much more likely scenario, Xavier athletics know nothing about women, taking into account the fact that most women know at least something about sports. We took a poll in the office. … Continue reading

Staff editorial: Planned Parenthood

At the end of October, the last clinic where abortions are performed in Cincinnati, a Planned Parenthood clinic in Mount Auburn, was cited by the Ohio health department and could close in the near future. Last year, a law was passed in the state of Ohio that requires clinics that perform abortions to have agreements … Continue reading

Staff Editorial: Please critique responsibly

The Newswire office has no shortage of snark. This may be because we’re a bunch of English majors with virtually zero applicable skills aside from verbal sparring. But we have a hard time believing that campus newspaper employees are any more ornery than their peers. In fact, it seems to us that Generation Y as … Continue reading

Staff Editorial: “Xavier bubble” inflates

Last year, students protested the construction of a fence around the campus basketball courts, arguing that the fence was a symbol of Xavier’s failure to live in solidarity and community with the surrounding neighborhoods. This past summer, another wall was built between Xavier and the Norwood community. Although the University Station complex does not serve … Continue reading

Staff editorial: cards and fences

The fence and card-activated turnstiles installed around the outdoor basketball courts on campus this winter and the accompanying usage policy will go into effect on April 1. The fence was the object of a student protest in the fall. The protesting students’ critiques and actions do not appear to have had any effect on the … Continue reading

Issues of race in Cincinnati

A little over a month ago, an opinion piece by Kathy Y. Wilson was featured in City Beat entitled “Mahogany’s: In the Dark.” The piece seems to be a review — if it can be called even that — of Mahogany’s restaurant in The Banks development just south of downtown. Though the piece purports to … Continue reading

Xavier’s “March Gladness”

In the latest of its marketing campaigns, the Xavier Alumni Office launched “a 48 hour social media and giving blitz called ‘March Gladness.’” The design of the campaign was to spur “a record number of gifts to Xavier” in a two-day window, March 10 – 12. “March Gladness” also involved emails to the student body … Continue reading

Staff editorial: Board of Elections, transparency and serving the student body

The end of campaign season for the SGA Executive election last week was not pretty. On the night before voting was to take place, a less-than-enthralling debate downplayed the fiasco that was taking place behind the scenes. It was rumored that three of the four tickets were in danger of being disqualified, and there were … Continue reading

Winter Weather

Both the University of Cincinnati and Cincinnati Public Schools closed their doors on account of cold weather Jan. 27 and 28. Temperatures dropped below zero, notwithstanding wind chill. Xavier stayed open with only minor delays on Jan. 23 and Jan. 28. The decision for calling a snow day is a joint process involving Provost Scott … Continue reading