St. Louis shooting leaves two dead

By Pat Gainor, Staff Writer Two people were killed and seven students were injured in a deadly school shooting at Central Visual and Performing Arts High School in St. Louis last Monday. According to police reports, Orlando Harris, who graduated from the same school last year, entered through a locked door with an AR-15 and 600 rounds of ammunition. During the shooting, which lasted about 13 minutes, he entered a classroom and shot nine people. After Harris left,  students escaped by jumping out of the third story window. Seven additional students were injured. Police arrived at the scene  four minutes … Continue reading St. Louis shooting leaves two dead

Attack in Palestine leaves five dead, 21 wounded

By Justin Malone, Staff Writer A large military raid conducted by Israeli troops during the early morning of Oct. 25 in the city of Nablus left five Palestinians dead and another 21 wounded, marking one of the deadliest confrontations in the Israeli-occupied West Bank this year.   Israeli forces used dozens of armored vehicles, sniper troops and shoulder-launched missiles during the attack on the city which escalated after fighting with Palestinian resistance fighters and Palestinian Authority security forces ensued.   Smoke and fires arose in the city during the violence with the raid creating debris, blowing up what the Israeli military called … Continue reading Attack in Palestine leaves five dead, 21 wounded

Truss resigns, Sunak takes control

By Pat Gainor, Staff Writer After just 45 days in office, Liz Truss has resigned as the Prime Minister of the UK in response to Parliament’s criticism of her policies and instability within her own party. Truss was elected by members of the Conservative Party following the resignation of Boris Johnson, who was pressured into stepping down amid “Partygate” and his handling of the pandemic. Once in office, she quickly began setting forth policies to implement a Thatcherist, low-tax and low-regulation economy. Most notable was a plan to freeze all energy bills, which would last for two years and cost … Continue reading Truss resigns, Sunak takes control