“Dexter” finale disappoints

By: Grant Vance “Dexter” has had its drastic ups and downs as a television series, with its inevitable (and extremely necessary) ending being one of the aforementioned “downs.” This past Sunday marked the end of Showtime’s “Dexter” after an eight-season run. Season eight of “Dexter” is simply one of the worst seasons of television ever to have been given the hope of redemption. Introducing pointless characters, ignoring logic and creating endless unnecessary and inconclusive character arcs to fill its 50 minute runtime is a terrible way to end any series. In all honesty, it’s insulting. The fact that this show … Continue reading “Dexter” finale disappoints

Switchfoot drummer Chad Butler reveals band’s new album and tour

By: Hollis Conners In anticipation of its upcoming album “Fading West,” Switchfoot recently began its 43-city tour in St. Louis. The band will not only be playing songs from its new album, but also premiering its personal documentary “Fading West” before the concert. The documentary depicts the band’s journey through five countries, while the group searches for inspiration for their new album through surfing. The drummer for the band, Chad Butler, was able to give the Newswire some information and insight about the tour, the Fading West documentary and his personal feelings about the journey.  Xavier Newswire: Why did the … Continue reading Switchfoot drummer Chad Butler reveals band’s new album and tour

“Other Desert Cities” succeeds, bleeds drama

By: Alex Spindler The Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati set the stage for the regional premiere of the play “Other Desert Cities,” written by Jon Robin Baitz. This drama takes place during Christmas of 2004 and deals with the Wyeth family living in post-9/11 America where threats of political upheaval and terrorism are constantly discussed. Brooke, the youngest daughter, has just left rehabilitation for her manic-depression and has written a memoir concerning the suicide of her brother, Henry, as well as her family’s past. Unbeknownst to everyone, a terrible truth lies beneath the buried Wyeth family history and Brooke’s parents, Polly … Continue reading “Other Desert Cities” succeeds, bleeds drama