Back Page: 8/26/2021

Masks, Pants and More Now Optional in the HUB By Charlie Gstalder, Opinions Page editor As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Xavier has declared that masks are no longer required inside the Health United Building (HUB). In celebration of the joyous news, we here at the Back Page have compiled a list of other inconveniences that will no longer be required at the HUB. Pants: Effective immediately, pants, shorts, skirts and all other primary leg coverings will no longer be mandated in the HUB. In lieu of traditional bottom garments, students are strongly encouraged to wear either fluffy pink … Continue reading Back Page: 8/26/2021

Spring fashion tips set to suit all

by Charlie Gstalder and Griffin Brammer, Opinions & Editorials Editor and Staff Writer Welcome back to this semester’s iteration of fashion tips, brought to you by Griffin Brammer and Charlie Gstalder. As a brief note before we begin, we are proponents of the belief that fashion should not be gendered.  Wear what you want as long as you wear it with confidence and “it” isn’t plaid shorts.  Workwear While the emergence of workwear within mainstream fashion circles has been largely derided by blue collar workers, workwear isn’t clocking out anytime soon. The combination of boxy cuts, durable materials and plenty … Continue reading Spring fashion tips set to suit all