‘The Big Short’ is ‘terrifyingly charming’

By: Grant Vance ~Managing Editor~ Comedies in the vein of “Anchorman” and “Step Brothers” are lovable, but often written off as nothing more than goofy Will Ferrell vehicles. As goofy as they are, director Adam McKay is sharper and more socially inclined than a casual audience would assume, finally proving his true merit with the Oscar- leading “The Big Short.” Taking a more subtle, satirical approach this time around, McKay’s comedic timing and skills as a proficient director have shined in “The Big Short” — a terrifyingly charming look into the economic collapse of 2008. Jumping around from various characters’ perspectives, … Continue reading ‘The Big Short’ is ‘terrifyingly charming’

The cathartic experience of the movies How ‘Punch-Drunk Love’ and other movies ease the mind

By: Grant F. Vance ~Managing Editor~ The great, omnipotent beings known only as “they” have a well-known expression in regards to life: When it gives you lemons, make lemonade. Unfortunately, life is not as simplistic as Minute Maid would like us to think, and it usually gives us grapefruit and demands a milkshake. Often, when given these bitter, oversized fruit — shitty lemons, really — it’s hard to find someone who can relate to them. Whenever I have a particularly shitty lemon I self-categorize as either too complex to discuss with a friend, or, in most cases, so overly simplistic … Continue reading The cathartic experience of the movies How ‘Punch-Drunk Love’ and other movies ease the mind

Sundance Film Festival comes to Utah

By: Grant Vance ~Managing Editor~ The Sundance Film Festival has premiered many notable independent films, such as “Reservoir Dogs,” “Little Miss Sunshine” and “Memento.” Initially created to draw filmmakers to Utah, Sundance has become a staple for up-andcoming independent filmmakers to get a chance to showcase their work. The festival will return for its 38th year Jan. 21-31, with many exciting entries on the slate. Sundance is an exciting experience for all lucky enough to spend the week in Park City, Utah, watching fresh, original works. With a variety of categories, attendees are treated to shorts, documentaries and midnight showings. … Continue reading Sundance Film Festival comes to Utah