From Golden Globes to Oscars: A prediction

By: Grant Vance ~Managing Editor~ Fresh out of the Golden Globes and barreling straight into Oscar nominations, award season is back with a vengeance. Several of Sunday’s Golden Globe winners are sure to overlap with Thursday’s list of films and filmmakers nominated for an Academy Award, but there will be some variations, as is the case every year. Based off the Golden Globe winners, along with common patterns established by The Academy throughout the years, there are a handful of films likely to rack up the most Oscars for 2015. The three films I believe will attract the most Oscar … Continue reading From Golden Globes to Oscars: A prediction

The force awakens theaters

By: Grant Vance ~Managing Editor~ After ten years without a new entry into the “Star Wars” franchise, fans waited with much anticipation for the release of the first film in a brand new trilogy, “The Force Awakens.” The stakes were high for director J.J. Abrams, as this was not only the first “Star Wars” film in ten years, but the first “Star Wars” film continuing the original story established by “A New Hope” since “Return of the Jedi” in 1983. Abrams delivered against all odds, reminding audiences of old and introducing audiences of new to the magic that is the … Continue reading The force awakens theaters

‘This Is Our Youth’ is a success

By: Grant Vance ~Staff Writer~ Chronicling the misadventures and anxieties of coming-of-age, Xavier Theatre’s presentation of Kenneth Lonergan’s “This is Our Youth” provided a fulfilling, well-performed entry into its expanding collection of successful shows. Directed by Ed Stern, “This is Our Youth” follows the boyish Warren (Griff Bludworth), escaping his abusive home life and crashing with his troubled, narcissistic best friend Dennis (Mac Blais). During his time away from home, Warren experiences the exhilaration of stealing a large amount of money from his father, a semi-successful romance with his long-term crush Jessica (played by Tatum Hunter) and the pitfalls of … Continue reading ‘This Is Our Youth’ is a success