A generation of scholars or redditors?

By: Taylor Fulkerson Over fall break, I spent my time trying to catch up on homework. The operative word here is “trying,” and I’d like to delve into what that means. Whenever I sit down to a computer, my instinct is to log in to Facebook. Frankly, I don’t know why. It is a desert of information. Occasionally there is the oasis of a nice news analysis that someone has posted, but for the most part, it is pictures I don’t care about, links to content I saw on reddit two weeks ago and those advertisements that pollute my Facebook … Continue reading A generation of scholars or redditors?

The game is on

By: Matt Coniglio In a microcosm of my collegiate academic career, I procrastinated on writing my senior column. Though this time, my procrastination was not set on not wanting to write a paper or study or whatever else college students pretend to do, but because I wasn’t quite sure on what I wanted to say. How may I leave some parting words to my fellow students, friends, professors, coaches and university administrators? I want to start by thanking the editors, copy editing staff and whoever else dealt with me this year. I made it difficult on purpose because I knew … Continue reading The game is on