SGA launches new campaign

By: Taylor Fulkerson ~Managing Editor~ The commencement ceremony this past May included a component that had never been used before: a commitment. The recent graduates recited along with President, Fr. Michael Graham, S.J. the Student Commitment developed by last year’s Student Government Association (SGA) executives. This year’s SGA executives are asking students to make that commitment a reality. “After the Student Commitment was adopted towards the end of last year, we wanted to keep the momentum going but in an innovative way,” SGA President Colleen Reynolds said in an email. “We felt that students also needed a way to make … Continue reading SGA launches new campaign

Election reform

Senate, Board of Elections approve changes to election cycle By: Taylor Fulkerson ~Managing Editor~ The Board of Elections announced that drastic changes to student elections will happen within the next academic year in a press release on Nov. 11. The number of elections will be decreased from the current three — a senate race in the fall for first-years, an executive election in February and an election for at-large senators, who can be from any class year, in the spring — to only two elections, with one in October and another in November. The change “will streamline the election process,” … Continue reading Election reform

Administrators announce details of budget shortfall

By: Taylor Fulkerson & Justin Worthing ~Managing Editor & Staff Writer~ University administrators announced the size of the fall’s pending budget shortfall and the strategies employed to ameliorate it this week. According to a letter from President, Fr. Michael Graham, S.J., addressed to “the Campus Community,” there is a potential budget shortfall of approximately $8 million for this fiscal year. Graham’s letter, published on Oct. 23, addressed concerns over the shortfall. The amount of the potential shortfall “was determined by using our known enrollment/net tuition results to-date and forecasting the spring semester and upcoming summer period from the existing results,” … Continue reading Administrators announce details of budget shortfall