Francis not deviating from Church doctrine

Last week, I attempted to give some background and a little criticism regarding recent media commentary surrounding Pope Francis’s “political position.” This will be an issue for years to come, no doubt. It would be realistic to assume that academics will be attempting to define the political implications of Francis’s papacy for at least the next half-century. Regardless, we know one key and unchanging factor: Francis is neither a liberal nor a conservative. Both are misrepresentations of Catholic political thought. Now, however, let us turn to something that should not be so polemical: the issue of whether Francis or any … Continue reading Francis not deviating from Church doctrine

Nicaragua semester approved

By: Taylor Fulkerson ~Managing Editor~ Disclaimer: Taylor Fulkerson participated in the Nicaragua program in spring 2013. After lengthy preparation this summer and academic year, the Center for International Education (CIE) formally announced on Oct. 19 the return of the Solidarity Semester in Nicaragua. Students will leave for Nicaragua in late January or early February and return to campus before final exams. The semester-long program will place students with host families in Barrio la Luz/14 de Junio in Managua, Nicaragua, where they will live, take classes and do service through a Xavier-coordinated program. Xavier has been working with the same neighborhood … Continue reading Nicaragua semester approved

Media inaccurately portrays pope

Every time I see a new article published on Pope Francis, I cringe because I assume it’s going to be bad. Not bad like the litany-of-sex-abuse-allegations bad that we saw a couple years ago, but bad as in no-one-can-describe-the-pope-accurately bad. Since Pope Francis’s election on Mar. 13, 2013, the English-speaking media has regularly mischaracterized the pope’s positions, papacy and efforts, both by mangling basic Catholic vocabulary and by projecting political positions onto Church politics that are hopeful at best. If you think Pope Francis is a liberal or a progressive, you are wrong. I wish this problem were restricted to … Continue reading Media inaccurately portrays pope