The Staff

Editor-in-Chief: Ellen Siefke

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Ellen hails from Mount Prospect, Ill., which is a suburb northwest of Chicago. As an English and Spanish double major, languages and literature fascinate her, and you can often find her curled up with a good book, pencil in hand, annotating the living daylights out of the text. In addition, she is a huge music lover who plays the guitar and sings for the XU Women’s Chorus; in fact, she is a longtime metalhead and loves a good Slipknot tune. Running is another one of her passions, and she maintains an active lifestyle. She believes that working for the Newswire has afforded her the opportunity to combine her love for reading, writing and layout, and she is very thankful for the role journalism has played in her life.

Managing Editor: Kevin Thomas


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Kevin Thomas is a junior English and Philosophy double major from St. Louis. Beyond the Newswire, he also works as a community organizer and as the Creative Director for The Clocktower Review, Xavier’s literary and art magazine. He also writes poetry and doodles frequently, and has released two zines.

Campus News Editor: Heather Gast

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Heather Gast is a sophomore philosophy, politics and the public major hailing from Cincinnati. Besides editing for the Newswire, Heather keeps herself busy on campus with Alternative Breaks and is active in her church community. She spends her spare time playing viola, piano or ukulele; dancing ballet; hanging out with friends; slowly killing houseplants or reading a nerdy analysis of the American public school system or something.

U.S. & World News Editor: Jack Dunn


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Jack Dunn is a junior sport management and communications double major. He is from Wilmette, Illinois, a northern suburb of Chicago. Although originally a staff sports writer, Jack is now the editor for the U.S. and World for the Newswire. He is also the secretary for Club Water Polo on campus.He spends his summers up in the beautiful northwoods of Wisconsin, at Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Scout Reservation, where he has worked both as Steward of the dinning hall as well as a Trek Guide. Jack is a die hard Cubs fan, as was fortunate enough to have attended Game 3 of the 2016 World Series.

Op-Eds Editor: Ryan Kambich


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Ryan Kambich is a first year graduate student in Xavier’s Private Interest and the Public Good MA program as well as a senior Philosophy, Politics and the Public and economics double major. He is originally from Deerfield, Ill., a northern suburb of Chicago. A former copy editor and staff writer, Ryan edits the Opinion page for the Newswire where he writes about politics, civic life and Xavier’s branding choices. His other journalism explores academic life on campus—specifically the Ethics, Religion and Society series—and issues in Cincinnati politics. Ryan is also the Distribution Manager for the Newswire, a position in which he runs around campus like a maniac at the break of dawn on Wednesdays trying to get papers to newsstands. In his free time, you can often find Ryan digging through the library archives as he works to complete his first book, a political history of the Avondale neighborhood in Cincinnati.

Sports Editor: Luke Feliciano

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Luke Feliciano is a junior studying Sport Management & Digital Media from Rutherford, N.J. This is his second year as the sports editor for the Newswire. Luke is an avid fan of sports, particularly college football/basketball and baseball. He enjoys listening to music that is unpopular among his peers. In his free time, Luke writes for two online sports blogs and is in the process of drafting a young adult fiction novel.

A&E Editor: Riley Head

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Riley Head is a junior Philosophy, Politics and the Public & Gender and Diversity Studies double major. She is from Louisville, Kentucky and very much enjoys mint juleps and horse racing. Riley loves all things Star Wars, Harry Potter and Justin Bieber related… all three topics are frequently featured on her page. Her patron saint is Rihanna.

Features Editor: Soondos Mulla-Ossman


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Soondos Mulla-Ossman is a masochistic senior triple majoring in computer science, english and digital innovation film and television (DIFT). She was born in Detroit, Michigan, but calls the Queen City home. When she is not frantically typing essays the night before they are due or trying to cleanse her belongings of cat hair from a pet that follows her like a familiar, she enjoys crying at the unholy hours of the night about her life choices and binging on sweetened coffee and heart-stopping comfort foods.

Head Copy Editor: Hannah Schulz

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Photo Editor: Sydney Sanders

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Sydney Sanders is a Cincinnati native who doesn’t have a bio because the online editor forgot to include her on the original email. She writes great op-eds.

Online Editor: Trever McKenzie

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Trever McKenzie is a senior technical theatre and communication major from Higginsport, Ohio. It’s okay if you don’t know where that is – no one does. He is also a copy editor. His favorite things are happiness, dogs and pizza. Ariana Grande, Kesha, and Beyoncé are his idols. He enjoys playing video games, listening to music, eating and being way too gay for his own good.

Because copy editors and staff writers are constantly shifting within the organization, they are not listed on this page.

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