The Staff

Editor-in-Chief: Jessica Griggs

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Jessica is a senior English major who does not want to teach after college, enjoys spouting useless trivia and loves “nerding out” on all of the latest Game of Thrones theories. She aspires to be that old cat lady down the street when she grows up and has already started building her brood with her two kitties, Sweetie Pea and Diesel Weasel. When not in the Newswire office, you can find her pinning recipes she’ll probably never try or stress shopping on her iPad.

Managing Editor: Ellen Siefke

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Ellen hails from Mount Prospect, Ill., which is a suburb northwest of Chicago. As an English and Spanish double major, languages and literature fascinate her, and you can often find her curled up with a good book, pencil in hand, annotating the living daylights out of the text. In addition, she is a huge music lover who plays the guitar and sings for the XU Women’s Chorus; in fact, she is a longtime metalhead and loves a good Slipknot tune. Running is another one of her passions, and she maintains an active lifestyle. She believes that working for the Newswire has afforded her the opportunity to combine her love for reading, writing and layout, and she is very thankful for the role journalism has played in her life.

Campus News Editor: Hannah Paige Michels

Hannah Paige Michels
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Hannah Paige Michels is a junior from Cincinnati, and is majoring in DIFT with a minor in writing. In her spare time, Hannah enjoys re-watching Parks and Recreation, fighting the patriarchy, and complimenting her cat.

Social Media Editor: Kevin Thomas

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Kevin Thomas, also Campus News Editor, World News Editor and Police Liaison, is a sophomore English and Philosophy double major who loves making himself feel important with his possession of a number of different tit les despite not doing more work than anyone else. He is from St. Louis and loves poetry, whimsicality and talking about the weather.

Op-Eds Editor: Abrena Rowe

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Abrena Rowe was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, and loves social justice and Netflix. She has been the Op-Eds editor for two years in a row. She also did not send in her bio, but that is okay, because she’s still a lovely person.

Sports Editor: Luke Feliciano

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Luke Feliciano is a sophomore sport management and advertising double major from Rutherford, N.J. Luke worked as a staff writer and then assumed the sports editor position. He is an avid sports fan with college sports being his favorite. In his free time, Luke enjoys hanging out with friends, playing spikeball/videogames and writing. Luke is currently drafting a young adult sports fiction novel.

A&E Editor: Riley Head

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Riley Head is a philosophy, politics, and the public major born in Valdosta, Ga. Until she sends the online editor a bio, she’s going to have to let her face speak for herself. She likes Glee.

Features Editor: Monica Schweiger

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Monica Schweiger is a sophomore graphic designer from Wichita, Kansas. Surprisingly, she doesn’t hear many Wizard of Oz jokes. She doesn’t know what she truly wants to do with her degree, but she has mastered the art of talking until people are satisfied with her answer. Her interests include laughing at her own jokes, taking forever to tell a simple story, and getting overly excited to see a dog. Recently, she has taken up the task of pretending to know people’s futures based on their astrological signs. In reality, she just writes whatever comes to mind that could be true to some degree. Send fattening food if you are interested in bribing the stars for a good horoscope or the answer sheet for the puzzles!

Head Copy Editor: Olivia Knestrict

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Olivia Knestrict is a senior Criminal Justice major from Mason, Ohio. She enjoys reading, listening to music and playing video games. She hopes to attend law school after graduation to pursue a career in criminal prosecution. Olivia is involved with several other groups on campus, including Child’s Play, MuskieThon and Criminal Justice Society.

Photo Editor: Sydney Sanders

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Sydney Sanders is a Cincinnati native who doesn’t have a bio because the online editor forgot to include her on the original email. She writes great op-eds.

Distribution Manager: Max Bruns

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Max Bruns is a senior from Ohio who has reached the end of his Xavier Career with high hopes. He has enjoyed learning and growing through this institution, not just in the areas of English and Classics (his majors), but also as a contributor to the Newswire. He has written for the paper since his freshman year, and has also served as a copy editor and distribution manager for his junior and senior years. He enjoys concerts, friends and family, and he thinks he’s headed Boston after graduation.

Online Editor: Trever McKenzie

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Trever McKenzie is a junior technical theatre and communication major from Higginsport, Ohio. It’s okay if you don’t know where that is – no one does. He is also a copy editor. His favorite things are happiness, dogs and pizza. Katy Perry, Kesha, and Beyoncé are his idols. He enjoys playing video games, listening to music, eating and being way too gay for his own good.

Because copy editors and staff writers are constantly shifting within the organization, they are not listed on this page.

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