About Us

The Newswire was originally called The Xavierian News and was founded by Xavier’s law school in 1915.

Today, The Xavier Newswire is the independent student newspaper of Xavier University.

We serve the 5,000 students of Xavier in addition to the faculty, staff, alumni, and local community. It is an 8-12 page newspaper which covers campus news and events, Xavier athletics, the Cincinnati arts scene, and events in the Cincinnati area. Circulation of the paper is 1,200, and the paper is available for free at many locations on Xavier’s campus.

The Newswire functions as an introduction to the world of journalism for students who wish to gain hands-on experience in the newsroom.

The Xavier Newswire is a public forum, Xavier University’s independent student newspaper and all content decisions are those of the editors.

The Newswire is published on Wednesdays. Staff meetings are on Thursdays. Anyone is welcome to attend. No prior journalism experience is needed. Contact newswire@xavier.edu or editor-in-chief, Kevin Thomas (thomask26@xavier.edu), for more info.

The Newswire can be best reached via email at newswire@xavier.edu or by phone at 513-745-3561.


Editor-in-Chief: Kevin Thomas

Year: Senior

Majors: English, Philosophy

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Contact: thomask26@xavier.edu

Managing Editor: Heather Gast

Year: Junior

Major: Philosophy, Politics, & the Public

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Contact: gasth@xavier.edu

Campus News: Alex Budzynski

Year: Sophomore

Major: Public Relations

Hometown, Fairfax, VA

Contact: budzynskia@xavier.edu

US & World News: Jack Dunn

Year: Senior

Majors: Sport Management, Communications

Hometown: Wilmette, Illinois

Contact: dunnj5@xavier.edu

Opinions & Editorial: Sydney Sanders

Year: Senior

Major: Philosophy, Politics, & the Public, Political Science

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Contact: sanderss3@xavier.edu

Sports:  Luke Feliciano

Year: Senior

Majors:  Sport Management, Digital Media

Hometown: Rutherford, NJ

Contact: felicianol@xavier.edu

Back Page: Aidan Callahan

Year: Sophomore



Contact: callahana2@xavier.edu

Arts & Entertainment: Sofia Ordonez

Year: Senior

Major: English


Contact: ordonezs@xavier.edu

Head Copy Editor: Hannah Schulz

Year: Senior

Major: Digital Innovation, Film, & Television


Contact: schulzh@xavier.edu

Online Editor:  Bridget Walsh

Year: Junior

Majors: Advertising, Art

Hometown: Youngstown, OH

Contact: walshb8@xavier.edu

Photo Editor: Jeff Richardson

Advertising Manager: Jessica Blocker

Because copy editors and staff writers are constantly shifting within the organization, they are not listed.