About Us

The Newswire was originally called The Xavierian News and was founded by Xavier’s law school in 1915.

Today, The Xavier Newswire is the independent student newspaper of Xavier University.

We serve the 5,000 students of Xavier in addition to the faculty, staff, alumni, and local community. It is an 8-12 page newspaper which covers campus news and events, Xavier athletics, the Cincinnati arts scene, and events in the Cincinnati area. Circulation of the paper is 1,200, and the paper is available for free at many locations on Xavier’s campus.

The Newswire functions as an introduction to the world of journalism for students who wish to gain hands-on experience in the newsroom.

The Xavier Newswire is a public forum, Xavier University’s independent student newspaper and all content decisions are those of the editors.

The Newswire is published on Thursdays, and staff meetings are also on Thursdays. Anyone is welcome to attend — no prior journalism experience is needed.

The Newswire can be best reached via email at newswire@xavier.edu or by phone at 513-745-3561.


Managing Editor: Alex Budzynski

Alex is a junior communication studies and public relations double major with minors in music performance and writing from Fairfax, Va. In addition to Newswire, he works at the Cintas Center, helps at the 10 p.m. student mass, and coordinates power-based violence prevention efforts through EmpowerXU and Its On X. He also has a passion for music, and he plays the clarinet in the Symphonic Wind Ensemble and in various chamber winds ensembles. Alex loves all things sweet, including but not limited to: candy, cookies, donuts, brownies, dogs, his friends and his family.

Contact: budzynskia@xavier.edu

Campus News: Joseph Cotton

Joseph is a junior PPP and economics double major from Dearborn, Mich. When not working for the Newswire, Joseph serves as the administrative coordinator for Xavier’s LGBTQ+ Alliance and plays the piccolo for the X Band. Fun fact: Xavier was the only school he applied to so don’t question his dedication. 

Contact: cottonj@xavier.edu

US & World News: Mo Juenger

Mo is a sophomore PPP, Spanish and History triple major from Cincinnati, Ohio. Besides Newswire, she plays double bass in the Symphonic Wind Ensemble and is a BRAVE Peer Educator. In her free time, Mo loves to read mystery novels, drink fancy coffees and watch bad horror movies. 

Contact: juengerm@xavier.edu

Opinions & Editorial: Charlie Gstalder

Charlie is a sophomore English and philosophy double major from Westchester, N.Y. Outside of the Newswire, Charlie serves as the Music Coordinator for XUFM. Charlie enjoys writing stream of consciousness prose, and does not understand how that differs from poetry. 

Contact: gstalderc@xavier.edu

Sports:  Joe Clark

Joe is a junior communications major from Franklin, Mass. In addition to Newswire, Joe plays intramural basketball and softball. In his free time, he likes to hang out with his friends and play Spikeball.

Contact: clarkj36@xavier.edu

Back Page: Aidan Callahan

Aidan is a junior English major with a writing concentration and a minor in the Digital Innovation, Film and Television program. He hails from Wilton, Conn. Outside of the Newswire, Aidan can be found working on the Xavier Television Association’s weekly news broadcast or just generally making a fool of himself around campus.

Contact: callahana2@xavier.edu

Arts & Entertainment: Kate Ferrell

Kate is a junior marketing major with minors in international business and theatre from Franklin, Tenn. Besides Newswire, Kate spends her time working with power-based violence prevention and advocacy on campus and is active in Xavier’s music scene with her participation in the AcaBellas and Concert Choir. Kate loves to talk about all things Broadway and her undying love for her incredibly cute dogs – anytime, anywhere.

Contact: ferrelle2@xavier.edu

Head Copy Editor: Molly Hulligan

Molly is a sophomore English and psychology double major with a minor in writing from Springfield, Ill. In addition to Newswire, she has been involved in French club, ID club, the Manresa Orientation Team and intramural volleyball. A fun fact about her is that she lives in the same zip code as her birth date, so when the last two digits match the year, the state of Illinois sends her a birthday card!

Contact: hulliganm@xavier.edu

Online Editor: Mya Priester

Mya is a senior from Buffalo, NY and is majoring in public relations and advertising, with minors in digital media, writing, and media studies. Outside of Newswire, she serves as the President of Xavier Singers, as singing is one of her greatest passions. Mya has a major sweet tooth and enjoys spending way too much money on lattes.

Contact: priesterm@xavier.edu

Photography Editor:  Desmond Fischer

Desmond is a junior from Cleveland, Ohio majoring in sports management. He is a member of the Running Club and Habitat for Humanity in addition to the Newswire at Xavier. Desmond enjoys playing many sports and staying active because some cameras are heavier than they look.

Contact: fischerd@xavier.edu

Managing Multimedia Editor:  Hunter Ellis

Hunter is a sophomore PPP major with minors in French, political communication, and history from Sardinia, Ohio. In addition to Newswire, he is the VP of College Republications and serves on the Honors Council Board. Hunter’s favorite hobbies are racing Go-Karts and organizing a church camp with Saltvine Ministries.

Contact: ellish2@xavier.edu

Associate Multimedia Editor:  Will Pembroke

Will is a sophomore PPP major from Glen Ellyn, Ill. He is also a member of GOAL (Gentlemen Organized for Achievement and Leadership). Despite growing up in Chicago, he is a massive Cincinnati sports fan. He loved the Bengals’ colors as a kid and has stuck with the team ever since!

Contact: pembrokew@xavier.edu

Newswire Adviser:  John Stowell

John has served as Newswire’s adviser since 2016. He is a retired Duke Energy vice president who began working with Xavier in 2014 as a mentor for students interested in environmental studies. Prior to his 27-year career at Duke, he spent four years on Capitol Hill and seven years as a reporter and columnist for the Kokomo (Ind.) Tribune. A graduate of Michigan State University with a degree in journalism, he currently writes for Cincinnati Magazine.

Because copy editors and staff writers are constantly shifting within the organization, they are not listed.