Reach out, speak up

By: Charlotte Cheek ~Staff Writer~ If you have ever noticed abnormal things around campus, such as backpacks across the academic mall and puppies surrounded by students, you may be wondering where those things are coming from. “Active Minds spreads educational awareness and fights stigma surrounding mental health issues through educational activities, awareness events, and de-stressing events,” senior Caitlin Mack, president of Active Minds, said. “Stigma is the negative connotation that happens when you hear words surrounding a certain group of people.” The backpacks, puppies and inflatable bouncy houses were all Active Minds events that were designed to help raise awareness … Continue reading Reach out, speak up

Dodgeball game takes aim at hurtful words

By: Regina Wright ~Staff Writer~ Active Minds, Xavier’s mental health advocacy group, and the LGBTQ Alliance held the “Words Hurt” dodgeball game to bring attention to hurtful words and phrases used every day. On Dec. 5, the event brought 150 people together to play in the game in the O’Connor Sports Center. Active Minds members hoped to raise awareness about the damage that can be caused when people use hurtful phrases without paying attention to the actual meaning of the words or even  without intentionally targeting an individual or a group. “We wanted to do something fun and entertaining to … Continue reading Dodgeball game takes aim at hurtful words

Students promote suicide awareness

By: Jessica Larkin ~Copy Editor~ Every year, a week in September is dedicated to raising awareness about suicide. Active Minds, a national organization dedicated to “changing the conversation about mental health,” uses this time during the year to educate college students about the reality of suicide and how it can be prevented. According to, suicide is the second leading cause of death on college campuses and for people between the ages of 15 and 24. Roughly 1,100 students commit suicide each year. These statistics urge organizations like Active Minds to take action and inform college students about suicide and … Continue reading Students promote suicide awareness