Analysis: What to watch for in the 2021 MLB season

By: Will Pembroke, Show Manager What a year it has been for baseball. The pandemic and stalling negotiations between the MLB and its players’ union threatened to end the season before it even began. Nevertheless, baseball prevailed, yielding one of the weirdest seasons on record. A 60-game regular season ended with the Los Angeles Dodgers defeating the Tampa Bay Rays in a six-game series, followed by a collective sigh of relief that the season finished without cancellation. Now, regularity has been easier to come by. Spring training is winding down, and a fresh 162 game season is set to begin … Continue reading Analysis: What to watch for in the 2021 MLB season

Baseball starts up once more

By: Lydia Reagan ~Baseball Savant~ League of Baseball in America (LBA) season is upon us. Monday marked the home opening of the Cincinnati Reds, who promptly lost. Good try, Reds. But this article isn’t solely about the Reds. This is an exclusive first look at the future of the LBA outcomes courtesy of your friendly neighborhood cat lady. The other Reds in the country – the Red Sox – are going to have an unfortunately lacking season. Even with David Ortiz, the best catcher in the universe, they just can’t stand up to the Miami Heat. Ortiz is returning for … Continue reading Baseball starts up once more

Xavier baseball’s struggles continue

By: Adam Purvis ~Staff Writer~ Men’s baseball has been up to a lot this past week, including an overwhelming victory over Georgetown on April 24 to begin their three-game series against the Hoyas and facing the University of Cincinnati at home. Xavier played UC on April 22 on campus with an 8-5 loss. Xavier was up 5-4, but the Bearcats would come back in the eighth and ninth innings with four runs, sliding into victory late in the game. Xavier out-hit UC as a team 12-8 with hits from David Morton, Andre Jernigan, Ethan Schmidt, Patrick Jones, Joe Gellenbeck, Rylan … Continue reading Xavier baseball’s struggles continue