The family that love built

I come from a relatively diverse family. My sister and I were both adopted from young birthmothers, and my sister is biracial. This, of course, does not make me an expert on diverse families in any matter, but I also had the pleasure of taking a sociology class my sophomore year, a class that focused on families in the 21st century. The outcome of the class was basically this: if you want it to be your family, it is. I have found the more I write in various classes, the more the subject of family arises. I never thought I … Continue reading The family that love built

Drowzy book and score hinder “Sleeping Beauty”

By: Campbell Tuel ~Head Copy Editor~ Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati (ETC) brings back its beloved “non-denominational” holiday classic with a twist. Local playwright Joseph McDonough and composer and lyricist David Kisor create a “fractured fairytale” in the form of Sleeping Beauty, based on the French fairy tale by Charles Perrault. The set, simple yet effectively constructed with multiple levels and pillars, allows for a dynamic and easily-viewed performance from high up in the audience. Brian C. Mehring’s design creatively represented a “far-far away” castle and provided multiple entrances and exits for Director D. Lynn Myers’ actors to utilize. ETC’s talented acting … Continue reading Drowzy book and score hinder “Sleeping Beauty”

Columbus “turns blue” for Black Keys

By: Campbell Tuel ~Head Copy Editor~ The Black Keys opened their “Turn Blue” world tour last Friday at the Schottenstein Center in Columbus to a nearly sold-out crowd. Hailing from Akron, childhood friends Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney formed The Black Keys in 2001. Meeting in a basement and recording a demo, they eventually landed a recording contract with Alive, a small indie label out of Los Angeles. In an interview on National Public Radio’s “Fresh Air,” Carney explained that the name “The Black Keys” came from a friend of their fathers’, Alfred McMoore, an artist with schizophrenia, who would … Continue reading Columbus “turns blue” for Black Keys