Redditor’s raise GameStop stock prices

Column: Will’s Business Corner BY: Will Pembroke, Multimedia SHow Manager While much of America’s focus the past week has centered on recently sworn-in President Joe Biden’s agenda for his first 100 days in office, a group of high-stakes Redditor’s had another idea. GameStop, if you did not know, was on track to go out of business this year. The electronic and video game retailer has struggled in the past few years, closing many locations around the country. Like most retailers, COVID-19 took away valuable foot traffic which plummeted their video game sales.  As a company, GameStop relies heavily on the … Continue reading Redditor’s raise GameStop stock prices

Price of “saving our icons” too high for Cincinnatians

As a registered Republican and fiscal conservative, I seldom ask for more taxes. However, when I do ask for taxes, I want them to be well crafted. The Hamilton County Commissioners have voted to keep from the Nov. ballot a tax championed and designed by private sector leaders and to instead allow on the ballot that most hideous of monsters: a poorly thought-out tax. On Aug. 5, and voted on a proposed ballot initiative for a sales tax increase of 25 cents on the dollar for the next 14 years to help fund the revitalization of Cincinnati’s Music Hall and … Continue reading Price of “saving our icons” too high for Cincinnatians