Haiti suffers after Hurricane Matthew

By: Henry Eden ~Campus News Editor~ Following the devastating landing of Hurricane Matthew, humanitarian aid efforts in Haiti have increased to help fight the ongoing cholera outbreak while an interim government organizes itself to provide assistance to Haitian residents. The storm that touched down on Oct. 3 has already claimed the lives of at least 1,000 people and displaced thousands more according to Fortune Magazine. There are reports that say there are at least 175,000 people in shelters, according to Haiti‚Äôs national civil agency. In the wake of the destruction, the United Nations has reported a cholera outbreak, with more … Continue reading Haiti suffers after Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew hits Caribbean Sea, U.S.

By: Regina Wright ~Campus News Editor~ Moving through the Caribbean Sea and eventually toward the East Coast of the U.S., Hurricane Matthew was the biggest hurricane to form in the area since 2007. The hurricane started off on the side of Western Africa and continued to move through the Atlantic toward the Caribbean Sea. The tropical storm formed into a hurricane on Sept. 29 and hit Haiti and Cuba on Oct. 4 as a Category 4. A Category 4 hurricane is characterized by winds between 130 mph and 156 mph, causing severe damage to well-built homes and trees blown over. … Continue reading Hurricane Matthew hits Caribbean Sea, U.S.