Finland moves toward NATO

By Ivy Lewis, Staff Writer Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has prompted Finland to consider joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), a security alliance with 30 member nations. This goes against the nation’s long history of military non-alignment. Prime Minister Sanna Marin announced that Finland would likely make a decision on whether or not to become a member of NATO within weeks.  Finnish politicians are scheduled to have internal talks and meet in parliament to reach consensus on the matter. “The difference between being a partner and being a member is very clear and will remain so. There is no … Continue reading Finland moves toward NATO

Tunisian political crisis continues

Tunisia’s president dissolves parliament in latest anti-democratic maneuver By Ivy Lewis, Staff Writer Tunisian President Kais Saied has dissolved the country’s parliament last week, the latest move in the African country’s ongoing political crisis. While attending a meeting for the National Security Council, Saied announced that Tunisia’s parliament was dissolved and said that members of parliament (MPs) would be prosecuted. Hours prior to this announcement, parliamentarians met and voted through a bill against the “exceptional measures” taken by Saied as acting President. Saied denounced the actions taken by parliament, stating in a televised address that it was a “coup attempt” … Continue reading Tunisian political crisis continues

Analyzing Russo-Chinese relations

By Ivy Lewis, Staff Writer As tension continues to escalate between Russia and Ukraine, the diplomatic and historical relationship between China and Russia may play a significant role. Throughout the tenure of current Chinese President Xi Jinping, Russia and China have established an increasingly close relationship. A few days prior to the invasion of Ukraine, Jinping and Vladimir Putin agreed to a partnership unifying the two nations on several fronts. The partnership agreement asserts that there are “no forbidden areas of cooperation” between the nations, while also establishing mutual support against Taiwanese and Ukrainian independence. The statement also said  that … Continue reading Analyzing Russo-Chinese relations