Big East Media Day recap

By: Megan Lux ~Staff Writer~ The Big East Media Day was held on Oct. 14 at Madison Square Garden for the second year in a row. The event kicked off with the opening introduction from commissioner Val Ackerman. “I can report to you that the conference is strong and stable and fully committed to nothing short of a national title in basketball,” Ackerman said. Out of the Big East teams, Villanova has again been picked as the favorite to win the conference and will start the season ranked in the top 25. Last year the Musketeers were runners-up to Villanova … Continue reading Big East Media Day recap

No more nude photos for Playboy

By: Megan Lux ~Staff Writer~ Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy Magazine, was just an ordinary man from Chicago. He graduated from college and worked at Esquire magazine but later left the magazine after being denied a pay raise. Young and ambitious, Hefner set out to start his own magazine. Hefner transformed the adult entertainment industry when he introduced Playboy to the world in 1953. The first issue sold more than 50,000 copies and featured actress Marilyn Monroe on the cover. Playboy set itself apart from other magazines by publishing nude photos of women. The magazine had such a wide audience … Continue reading No more nude photos for Playboy

Ludlow Garage set to open

By: Megan Lux ~Staff Writer~ Ludlow Garage first opened its doors in 1969 when Jim Tarbell decided to turn an automotive garage into a rock-androll club. The venue hosted many famous musicians during its prime from BB King to Janis Joplin and even the Allman Brothers Band. In fact, the Allman Brothers Band released a live album of their performance at the venue, “Live at Ludlow Garage 1970.” Only a few years after it opened, Ludlow Garage had to close its doors because the music scene was no longer found in small clubs. It had moved to bigger venues, and … Continue reading Ludlow Garage set to open