Let’s talk about guns, baby

By: Hannah Paige Michels ~Photography Editor~ America has a gun problem. An average of 91 Americans have died every day from firearms, creating a total of 11,626 gun-related fatalities in less than 10 months of 2016, according to EveryTownResearch. org. The way we glorify violence and invest our patriotism in firearms is toxic and is responsible for the loss of innocent lives. American gun culture is killing our people. People like to point to Switzerland, a neutral country with one of the highest rates of gun ownership in the world, where gun violence doesn’t exist the way it does in … Continue reading Let’s talk about guns, baby

Reach out, speak up

By: Charlotte Cheek ~Staff Writer~ If you have ever noticed abnormal things around campus, such as backpacks across the academic mall and puppies surrounded by students, you may be wondering where those things are coming from. “Active Minds spreads educational awareness and fights stigma surrounding mental health issues through educational activities, awareness events, and de-stressing events,” senior Caitlin Mack, president of Active Minds, said. “Stigma is the negative connotation that happens when you hear words surrounding a certain group of people.” The backpacks, puppies and inflatable bouncy houses were all Active Minds events that were designed to help raise awareness … Continue reading Reach out, speak up

The truth behind gun violence in America What must be done in order to deromanticize guns in our society

By: Jonathan S. Hogue ~Opinions & Editorials Editor~ After the Oregon shooting, I am left with little hope that gun violence will end in the near future. Politicians will not address the issue, television outlets divert much of the debate to mental health and Americans remain passive amidst social unrest. The problem is not just with gun laws, outside lobbying groups or infringement of personal liberties. America’s gun issue stems from an improper view of firearms. The Constitution gives Americans the right to bear arms. Most people will agree with that. Few people in government want to take away every … Continue reading The truth behind gun violence in America What must be done in order to deromanticize guns in our society