Williams College of Business selects new dean

By: Micah Price ~Staff Writer~ The Williams College of Business has found itself a new dean as the 2015-2016 school year comes to a close. Tom Hayes, currently a professor and chair of the Xavier Marketing Department, was chosen for the position after an extensive, nation-wide search was completed. Hayes has deep-seeded connections to Xavier. His father, Kaney Hayes, served as an economics professor under Thomas Hailstones. Though homegrown, Hayes’ resume does not disappoint. With a degree in psychology, an MBA and a Ph.D. from the University of Cincinnati in 1982, Hayes comes highly qualified. A member of the Xavier faculty … Continue reading Williams College of Business selects new dean

Xavier leads in closing wage gap for professors

By: Micah Price ~Staff Writer~ When rying to decide which section of a class to take next year, keep in mind that choosing a class with a female professor may mean that the instructor is getting paid less than her male counterparts. According to a new study from the Chronicle of Higher Education, the ever-present wage gap between male and female professors at universities is shrinking but is still very much a real phenomenon. On a local level, colleges and universities in the Greater Cincinnati area are affected by the wage gap, at a rate of 13 percent in Ohio and … Continue reading Xavier leads in closing wage gap for professors

Xavier discusses white identity

By: Micah Price ~Staff Writer~ What is white privilege? Where does it come from? Why is it necessary to talk about? These questions were explored by Xavier students and faculty on Jan. 31 during the Center for Diversity and Inclusion’s I.D. Series event, “Becoming White: A Critically Important Conversation.” The event’s panel consisted of Dr. Molly Keehn and Dr. Ben Neale. They are professionals in the fields of social justice education and statistical genetics, respectively, who explored their identities as white people and what the phrase “white privilege” means in the context of today’s society. Neale spoke about growing up, … Continue reading Xavier discusses white identity