Ohio Democrats highlight state corruption

By Ethan Nichols, Staff Writer Ohio Democratic Party Chair Elizabeth Walters visited Cincinnati on Friday with a slate of other Democrats to bring attention to state corruption scandals. The group – which included Ohio Auditor candidate Taylor Sappington, Ohio Secretary of State candidate Chelsea Clark and Hamilton County Clerk of Court Pavan Parik – aimed to tie Republicans and Governor Mike DeWine to recent corruption in Ohio.  In particular, this group sought to tie the GOP to House Bill 6 (HB 6). The bill, a nuclear energy bailout that was engulfed in scandal after former House Speaker Larry Householder was … Continue reading Ohio Democrats highlight state corruption

Mariani makes a mark with new role

New Take It On director hopes to spark conversation, increase voter turnout By Mattie Cieplak, Guest Writer, & ROBBIE Dzierzanowski, Campus News Editor Dr. Mack Mariani has been appointed the new director of the Take It On initiative during the last week of January, replacing Dr. Rachel Chrastil, who was hired as the university’s Provost and Chief Academic Officer.  Originally founded in 2019 by Associate Provost and Chief Student Affairs Officer Dave Johnson; Government Relations Director Sean Comer; and Chrastil, the Take It On initiative was formed as a bi-partisan organization to encourage peaceful political discourse and student involvement in … Continue reading Mariani makes a mark with new role

The Star Wars Prequels and 21st Century Political Disillusionment

By Sophie Boulter, US & World News Editor Autocrats promise stability and order, gaining power by exploiting the fear and anger endemic within a deeply flawed political and economic system. Corporations are represented in the Senate in a system rife with economic inequality. Faced with a rapidly deteriorating world order, some choose to secede from large organizations rather than continue to pledge loyalty to a decaying, unstable and precarious status quo. You might think I’m describing contemporary geopolitical challenges, and you’d be right. But I’m also describing the political backdrop of the Star Wars prequels — films which, though often criticized, present … Continue reading The Star Wars Prequels and 21st Century Political Disillusionment