World Events in Brief

By: Max Creager ~Staff Writer~ Getting caught up on World News has been a difficult process in the heat of the 2016 U.S. presidential election. With global leaders weighing in, the influence of Wiki leaks and 24-hour coverage of candidates’ gaffes and rallies, many of the issues around the world have been put on the back burner. The Zika Virus has spread over the course of the summer, and according to the CDC is now affecting 54 independent regions across South, Central and North America, Africa and Islands in southeast Asia. This has many worried that governmental responses have been … Continue reading World Events in Brief

Cincinnati native detained in North Korea

By: Charlotte Cheek ~Staff Writer~ A Cincinnati native and University of Virginia (UVA) student was detained by the North Korean government for committing a “hostile act” on January 2, 2016. Otto Frederick Warmbier allegedly stole a political propaganda poster from a North Korean hotel while on a backpacking tour. Warmbier was arrested in the Pyongyang airport while departing from North Korea. He was charged for theft of the political poster from the Yanggakdo International Hotel. Warmbier allegedly stole the sign with the intent to give it to someone from his church, who promised to buy him a used car worth … Continue reading Cincinnati native detained in North Korea

UN air-drops food in Syria

By: Max Creager ~Staff Writer~ The UN attempted to air-drop 21 tons of food to more than 200,000 civilians in the besieged city of Deir el-Zour in Syria on Feb. 24. The World Food Programme (WFP) stated that it has not been able to reach the civilian population of Dier el-Zour since March 2014. Wednesday’s drop was the first high altitude drop the WFP has tried over Syria. However, most of the food aid missed its intended recipients. Ten of the 21 pallets of food are unaccounted for, as they drifted away from the city due to high winds and … Continue reading UN air-drops food in Syria