Entrepreneurs frank about business

By: Jonathan S. Hogue ~Opinions & Editorials Editor Norwood’s favorite entrepreneurial team Xavier Hot Dogs took its skills from Cleanay Avenue to the classroom. Professor Leslie Rasmussen invited the team to speak during her Principles of Strategic Communication class. The goal was to discuss Xavier Hot Dog’s communication strategy, outreach efforts and ways the group differentiates their brand from other food vendors. Xavier Hot Dogs, known for its easygoing approach to business, commented that this is not a serious venture, but something created to have fun. “We don’t take this too seriously,” commented Alex Tilford. Scott Stratford, the self-proclaimed marketer … Continue reading Entrepreneurs frank about business

Xavier Hot Dogs relishes success

By: Henry Eden ~Guest Writer~ Whether you heard them advertising out of a car window while driving through campus or you were drawn by their sausage- themed tweets, one thing is for sure, you have already heard about the newest culinary craze in Norwood. Jack Carey, Red Millerick, Scott Stratford and Alex Tilford are the force behind Xavier Hot Dogs. The four Xavier seniors residing at 1935 Cleneay opened up their lawn the past four weekends to any student looking for a fresh hot dog and some spirited conversation. According to the four co-founders, it is an idea several years … Continue reading Xavier Hot Dogs relishes success