Opinion: what it takes to be a true Musketeer fan

By: Matt Stainbrook ~Guest Writer~

As the first day of school ap­proaches, it is important for the new additions to the Xavier fam­ily (and possibly some that already are family members) to learn what it takes to be a true Musketeer fan.

The first, and perhaps most im­portant, rule to being an authentic Musketeer fan is, whether we win, lose or draw, we do it with excite­ment, class and pride.

Being part of a community such as Xavier is a responsibil­ity that can be a lot of fun if it is done right.

I had the opportunity to watch a soccer game at the Maracanã National Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the site of the 2014 World Cup Final, and the fans there were amazing.

They cheered the whole game, standing on their feet, singing, clapping their hands and were en­gaged in the game all 90 minutes. There were no negative issues or berating of the other team. Good sportsmanship was displayed all-around.

That excitement is what I have witnessed in my years at Xavier thus far.

Next, always remember to be early and be loud.

It is never good to be the per­son holding your friends back from getting to a soccer game or another game on time, so be prepared.

A quick way to make friends is to know when sports events are and how to get there.

Lastly, don’t be “too cool” to engage with the rest of the student section in cheering on Xavier. Whether it is jumping up and down in the bleachers before the tipoff or chanting “de-fense,” DO IT.

Trust me, it is fun, and I even catch myself chanting on the bench every once in a while.

Here’s to a successful school year with a new group of true Musketeer fans.